When does a 32 zero turn make sense?


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If youre in the 32” market, screw a walk behind, thats a 500lb machine that you can just get an exmark 30 or turfmaster for a 1/3 of the weight and way more nimble


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Disagree buy new cash, then you know where the machine has been, if you cant afford new cash, push mow cash until you can upgrade cash

So my 2 acre commercial account that I landed (1) before I owned a truck, and (2) before I even had an LLC or commercial insurance...

So, I should be push-mowing that account, until I can afford to buy a top of the line 60" commercial zero-turn for $15,000?

Or was the $2,000 for that same mower, but used, an OK investment?

We're not talking about buying new vs. used-up space shuttles here. Commercial zero-turn mowers are one of the most reliable & yet simplest machines on planet earth to work on & service. Anyone with basic tools and access to YouTube should be able to figure out nearly any serviceable item on these machines. Walk-behinds are even simpler yet.

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I am speaking based on commercial use where I pass on projects (onto competitors) that are bigger lawns (more than 45 minutes on a zero turn) and only serve small and medium lawns.

Is it better to use a 42 or 52 inch zero turn mainly on the front yards AND almost always use a 30 inch push mower in the backyard(because that is what will fit into it most of the time)? (for my situation with lawns that are under 45 minutes)


is it better to use a 32 inch zero turn which fits into 99% of back lawns, and 100% of front lawns, AND the 30 inch push mower as a back up.

My rookie guess is that the 32/34 inch zero turn is faster (for lawns under 45 mins) for the sole reason that it fits into backyard and front, where the 42 inch or 52 inch only typically can do the front yard. In my estimation it would add up to more time saved.


Is that the reason a 32/34/36 inch zero turn or stander exists for small to medium lawns? 42 to 52+ inch are for people that do 80+ dollar large or huge lawns?
Zero turn sit down mowers that small are in my opinion and experience absolutely pointless as many people have mentioned already. There tires are way too skinny like pizza cutters they are too small to turn the mower quickly and efficiently. The weight and proportion of those small zero turns are not sensible. I have a 36-inch wright stander that works very well it has a short wheelbase from drive Wheels to caster tires and the tires are a little bit wider being a stander so it turns very well. Not to mention you're standing up so you can shift your weight where needed and when needed. That's what I would recommend for getting in backyards or as others have mentioned on here, a walk behind.


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I bought a 36 inch stand on for the few yards I have where the 52 won’t fit.

Economically it’s probably not worth it, however, it’s great not to have to use the push mower on 99% of my yards.

In my opinion you’re basically paying more for comfort, not productivity.


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So far I’m enjoying my sw15 for gate busting the few tight spots I have. I’m actually currently mowing everything with it because of the tropical depression that just passed by. Not a bad mower to have around at all.

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