When does ur season officially end?


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Man! My season officially ended today! Shew! What a year. We mowed from 2nd week of March til now without skipping any weeks. Had great weather all year. Lots of rain. A cooler than normal summer and a very warm November. I get to kick back and put on the holiday 15 until the 2nd week of March. Have snow removal but I sub it all out. To all ya still out there hustling. I got love for ya!

Freaky Fido

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Northeast USA
You take a winter break?
I plow if it snows. Hasn't happened much the last 2 seasons. I didn't get a single push in of my whole route last winter, just my low tolerance/steep driveways. I think the biggest storm was 2.2 inches. I wish I could find a winter job that gave me the flexibility to take off when it snows...


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The Ozarks
Mine ended around November 9... have a couple little clean ups, and another 10 irrigation systems to install but calling it quits for the year. Had a good year, better than any previous! Dry here in Nebraska, don’t do snow removal. Make all our money from March to November