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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by farmmower, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. farmmower

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    I live near Kansas City on 5 acres of fescue. Wondering when to do my first mow? A gardening specialist said Feb. but did not say what height. He said use sharp blades. Is this too early for this area?
  2. agrostis

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    I think that's about 6 week's too early. Mow between 3 1/2 and 4 inch's. 4 is better but it look's shaggy quicker. Never mow below 3 1/2. Always use sharp blade's.
  3. ddixon7

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    I've started last week of February before and as late as mid April before. I usually start the last week in March. I live not too far from you. You just never know how early of a spring you are going to have or if winter wants to drag on and on like it did last year.
  4. farmmower

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    I guess the point of the person I heard on the radio was the first cutting in February was to cut the dead grass on top and expose the new grass to the sun. Don't think he meant that was the beginning of weekly mowing which could come a lot later depending on weather, etc. Anyway it kind of made sense. Obviously one would wait for a February warm period.
  5. Valk

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    The earliest I've ever mowed GRASS that needed mowing was Mar 15...and as late as Apr 10-15th...with late-Mar/early-Apr being the norm. Nothing will happen until the ground-temp warms up enough.
  6. farmmower

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    That is good to know as I am rather new to this area here.

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