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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Expert Lawns, Apr 17, 2003.

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    I'm going to be hiring some help for the first time this year. When they are hired, how do i go about getting them on the insurance? will my insurance increase? will they just be a second driver? not sure how it works exactly.
    Another question....how do you guys go about paying your help. I have been paid under the table when used to work for other LCO's. What is the right way to do it?
    Also, any added advice you guys have for me before i do my first hiring would be appreciated. I need a good heads up from you guys.......what to look for, what NOT to look for etc.

    Thanks :)
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    You can simply call you insurance agent for your com. auto and add them as a driver. Be sure as part of your screening that you have your agent pull up his driving record to make sure that it is clean or you may have problems down the road with your insurance. Secondly you may have to get WC insurance. The rules are different from state to state but I know that here in NH we must have it regardless of how many employees and the gross income. Lastly, you will have to decuct taxes and make monthly deposits of his and your matching taxes. This all can be handled by tou if it is something that you feel comfortable with. But I would recomend that you speak with someone more knowledgeable than myself to started.
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    For employee screening purposes try: www.accurint.com, which is how we obtain information needed at the office (my other job). It's inexpensive and frightening what can be found including driving records, criminal, etc. You get a free trial run too.

    Depending on your needs, you can go through a temp agency for employees. The advantage is all workers comp and taxes are paid for & you just get billed.

    I agree with Expert Lawns - ask your insurance agent about coverage for your specific policy. The way they are written varies from one company to another on who is an excluded driver, etc. "Permissive use" may not be covered by your policy.

    For payroll questions, ask a CPA. They will be able to tell you in just a few minutes what you need to get set up.
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    Thanks for the replies. I need help ASAP. My license was revoked last week due to some past problems, so I basically need someone to drive the truck and trailer, and help out trimming and blowing. No way am I going to risk driving around without a license. So I'll probably hire a younger guy with no experience, this way the hourly rate goes down. Not that hard to teach someone to trim and blow I guess.
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    On the license revokation - it might not be too late to appeal to the judge by telling him/her that your livlihood is in peril by not being able to drive. Maybe you could get restricted use granted for work purposes only. A couple of hundred bucks for an attorney to speak up for you might go a long way, this is unless you have already tried that.
  6. Can you say SR22....... Hardship License.

    Had a many employees who did not drive company trucks have these.

    None of my biz, but a DL gets revoked for 2 things DWI's/DUI's and points, most cases you express to judge for points they will give you a hardship right off the bat without a lawyer if you tell them you drive yourself around for a living.

    However the DUI/DWI, there is a reason it was revoked, but a hardship is still there, you will need a lawyer for this one.

    My driving record is meticulous, but like I said I have had many employees go through this many times.

    For hiring an epmpl, you should contact your CPA, and have them give you the proper paperwork to fill out for both time of hire and quarterly deposits. Ask them for all the rates, or hire out a payrole company.
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    I have come to grips with the fact that I cannot get a restricted license at all. I'd rather not say why it is revoked, but your guesses are just about exact. What I did was in the past, and I am better because of it. Hard lesson learned. anywho...

    I need to hire someone to do the driving and some laboring for me, so thanks for the posts they have really helped. I was thinking that the starting rate would be $7.00/hr for someone with no experience. Does this sound good? should he get paid more for having to drive? It's not like it's hard to drive my truck and trailer, and everyone should learn how sometime in their life. Let me know your thoughts on this too. thanks guys
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    So you refused to blow....big deal. If it were to happen to me again, and it won't, I would hire someone older. Don't even worry about the labor part. Let him or her sit in the truck while you do the work. Older people are cheaper to insure. That is easy money for the driver and no headaches about siding being torn up by a newbie. Most of my stops took me longer with a "helper/driver", you need to get from point a to point b consistently and do your work. Also, when you get the driver, make sure to have a back-up person. Maybe one of his or her friends can split the week with one another, so that if one of them needs to go see the grandkids or whatever you can still get from point a to point b.
  9. AHAH has a great idea with the older person. Really what all do you need them to do?

    On another note, my Ins would like a driver of 25 years of age and older, but we all know finding one like that with a clean record is about as rare as a 80 year old vergin.

    So they must deal with the fact, and I have to pay extra to have younger drivers with clean records (if needed).......

    For a unexperianced driver that would be required to bust some tail $9 an hour should be a good avg starting point. That is from my economy area.

    BTW I paid a lot of money to lawyers, used lots of connections, and used up many favors to keep my record clean when I was younger.
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    With the amount of work that i have, $9 is a bit steep for me. I can do my accounts solo, this is why i hate the fact that i have to hire someone to do the driving. but on the other hand, if i don't hire, then NOTHING will get done. i guess this will just be a year of concentrating on bulking up the customer list to make up the difference. Then next year i'll be able to keep the guy, or hire someone else. I think i could affored between $7-8/hr right now. He would be part time, seeing how with two people we'd get the work done quite a bit faster. Leaves room for growth i guess. i have to see it as half full

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