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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by LCL Landscapes, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. LCL Landscapes

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    I started with a 1987 c30 rack body , no dump, 2 1997 walkers w/ 16 hp engines 1 echo handblower 1 echo trimmer & edger a 16 ft open trailer and a couple of shovels and rakes 2001

    Now i have a 2003 chevy c4500 mason dump, 16ft hecht enclosed trailer
    2 2000 walkers, 1 1999 walker , both of the 1997s and just bought a 2004 walker on 11/18. redmax trimmers and edgers, 3 redmax 7001, wacker demo saw , target wet saw , bartell compactor and lots of tools. three years made a lot of progress :blob3:

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    I Got Started Last August I Started With A 4cyl Ranger92 5x8 Trailer And All Stihl Equipment A Year In A Half Later Now I Have A 2000 F250 16ft Open Trailer Exmark 36 52inch Hydro Toro With Velky And Grasshopper 52 To Cut The Time Down Now I Am Gettin Ready For My 2005 F2504x46 Speed Diesel And Lookin This Spring To Go With 2 Crews And I Have Only Been In It For A Year In A Half And Doin 53 Accounts Runnin Solo
  3. Southwest Lawns

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    Started in November this year. 2004 Walker 26hp. Renting motorcycle trailer from U-Haul. Using my 2004 Hyundai Accent to tow everything. Recently got my license, insurance, and just hired a CPA. Want to start slow and do it right from the beginning. Only eight regular customers now (several one time gigs).... will see if things speed up in the spring and if the one time jobs turn into repeat customers.
  4. mowerman111

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    I started mowing lawns in 1983 I was out of work and had heard there was good money in a lawn service so ran an ad in the newspaper. the only equipment i had was an old electric lawn mower and weed eater that belonged to my parents. by the middle of summer when i burned up the mower I borrowed money to buy a gas mower and trimmer. winter came and I went to work for my dad doing industrial painting, summer came went back to mowing yards.Next winter started tree trimming, went like that for ten years until I merged with another lawn company and was running their maintenance dept. for a couple of years things didn't work out so left with my last paycheck and started my company up again, this time I had all my customers sign year round contracts,in one year I bought two walkers, two trucks,two trailers and all the other equipment hedge trimmers blowers etc. So now I have three crews of two employees each. we service over 150 customers a week year round. The first ten years I didn't take the industry real serious. merging with the other company really helped me open my eyes.
  5. The Yard Barber Inc.

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    I started with a craftsman riding mower, echo weed eater, and craftsman blower with a 5x10 open trailer. now i have
  6. landcare pa

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    from pa
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    when i started in 1990 i started with 2 push mower`s in th back of a nissian sentra , now i have 2000 ford dually, 5 2002-2004 4 by 4 mason dumps ,1 2002 450 4by4 stakebody 1 2002f-350 stakebody 2002 f-650 dump,finn bark blower,2 finn straw mulchers, 2 2002 f-350 4 door lariet 4by4 pick ups 2001 f-250 4by4,2 chevy2500 pick ups, 2 97 ford f-250 crew cabs, 7 2000-2005 gmc cab forwards,6 enclosed trailers,cat 416 backhoe,2 2002 john deere 310 sg backhoe,2002 444 john deere rubber tired loader, 3 john deere skidloaders 2001-2004,finn hydroseeder,easy lawn hydroseeder,17 exmark lasers,2 hustler super z,10 exmark,walk behinds ,1 john deere excavator, 6 open trailers ,gmc tandam dump and this year we had 32 workers in 2004, and everyone laughed when i started but now they were wishing they were me!
  7. JRSlawn

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    Good stuff landscape Pa. I would love to see pics of that. Maybe one day I can have that much equipment. You must be making a ton.
  8. splatz100

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    landscape pa, you got any pics. I didnt do the math but that is alot of trucks, I dont even have dreams of having that many
  9. scaglawnsnj

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    hello lcl landscapes
    dammn are you the rich man of landscape..
    that alot of stuff for a couple years
    i am located in toms river
    got any lawns you dont want any more
    i can give you some paver jobs in future for return
    it cool too see some local lco's in here,seems most of these guys hate nj
    keepin it short good bye
  10. jasonnau

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    Started this year by trading in my 02 ford ranger for an 04 f250 ($ 25,000.00 with some negative equity). Found an ad in the paper with a guy selling an 8 x 12 dual axel landscape trailer,a commercial echo blower and trimmer and a 52 in. snapper hydro. Picked all of that stuff up for ($3300.00). Well, It didn't take long until I learned that the snapper wasn't the 60in. ex-mark I was used to using working with while at other landscape companies, so I bought a 23 hp 60in. exmark walk behind with a dual wheeled velkie ($6,500) new, bought one of the new stihl 4 stroke trimmers with a hedge trimmer attachment ($560.00)(got tired of using a ladder to trim tall hedges). Already had a stihl 340 backpack blower ($300.00) Bought a stihl chainsaw ($280.00), An earthway spreader (170.00 $ on ebay), A bunch of tools, belts, a chain hoist, ect. Then I needed a smaller mower for those gates. Purchased a Yazoo/kees 36 belt drive with a 15 hp used for ($900.00), Picked up a 21" toro two cycle used for ($50.00). Picked up a another used echo trimmer for ($125.00),
    Then it got closer to winter. Most people said that I wouldn't get to far plowing snow with a two wheel drive truck, and that i would void the warranty. So..... I purchased a 1998 chevy 3500supercab 4x4 that had 64,000 miles on it and came equiped with a 600# buyers salt spreader and a 9' snowway plow from a small company that got out of the business. That was a steal at ($11,000.00) flat out the door. Oh yeah, I also bought a 6.5 hp toro snowblower during that big snow we had just before christmas. I still need a lot of equipment though. This year I plan on hiring my first employee, and I will probably need another ex-mark tracer.
    Oh yeah, My wish list includes a bobcat (with trailer), dump truck, a 16' dual axel trailer, a mantis tiller, a lazer a few good commercial accounts a human resources department and a hot secretary.

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