When is it too late in the year to Aerate?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by green-pa, Oct 25, 2007.

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    How far in the year can u Aerate? I was thinking that unless the ground is frozen that it would work, but would it still be ok, like up 'til Thanksgiving, or even later providing it's not frozen ground? Wouldn't the ground still benifit? Or would it be better to just wait 'til spring at this point? In Indy now it's dropped in the last week from like 75 highs to now 60 highs! It's looking like the season is ( for the most $ part ) over. :cry: I'm looking for other ways to bring in some cash. So what should the temps be for aeration to be worthwhile for customers?
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    As long as the grasses are still growing and haven't gone dormant aerating will still be beneficial in more then one area, after they go dormant the only benefit is the aid in decompaction.
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    Up to 2 weeks before the first real chance of the soil freezing, so the holes have a chance to close in the seeds, in VA the first half of December is still good, January is too late (for us).

    Only thing is a lot of it might not come up till spring, use a quality seed and a good fertilizer.
    Now if they just want you to aerate and nothing else is being done (meaning nobody is putting down seed or what have you, not just you but the customer or anyone else) then the only concern is so long it ain't frozen.

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