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When is the best time to send out flyers???

Vibe Ray

LawnSite Senior Member
Slidell, LA
When is the best time to send out flyers?


Millenium Member
I do flyers according to the season. I have crabgrass pre-emergent flyers, aeration flyers, winterizing flyers, and so on. If you are planning on putting out general flyers soon, I would say Febuary would be best. That is the month I get the most hits on my web site during the first 6 months of the year.



LawnSite Bronze Member
Sacramento CA
I would try and saturate two weeks prior to your growing season. Another trip when the temperatures get real hot and people get fed up with doing it themselves.


LawnSite Silver Member
We begin distributing flyers a month prior to the service we plan to offer it. This way we can distribute them either bi-weekly or every ten days depending on responses.

I figure that 70% are discarded the first time, and 50% the second. If we dont get many calls the first time they go out, then I plan on a 10 day routing schedule for the flyers.

I also turn to some of the more "trustworthy" teenagers, to distribute them once the season has begun. I have them put on a company t-shirt and good jeans or shorts and send them running.

We have three neighborhood kids who did so well the first time that I give them a .25 bonus for every service they have "sold". This way I know that they are getting to the doors. If they each distribute 2000 flyers and I get a 10% return thats $50 in each of their pockets additional.

So far things have worked out well. The other thing is I have heard thru the grapevine that quite often customers are happy to see the younger generation working instead of 'puting or hangin at the mall.


Man Joe

LawnSite Member
Baltimore ,Md.
Last year put out fliers beginning second week in March for mowing. Began mowing for first customer who responded to fliers on March 24th.Your location is south of us so you could probably begin even earlier.We may start a little earlier ourselves this year.


LawnSite Member
Philadelphia, PA
Hey guys, I use door to door flyers extensively to generate calls. My opinion is that a customer can look in the yellow pages and find tons of landscapers, but if a company took the time to drop off some info in their door, then (in my mind) it gives you an edge over the others. I like to distribute them in plenty of advance. Normally hand out about 1000-1500 per year. I've been using this advertising method for the past 3 years, and am now up to about 120 lawns, but people DO save the flyers and keep them in their files. I always get calls from people that saved them for 3 or more years. Whoever says flyers dont work??? Guarantee you will have good luck with them.


LawnSite Fanatic
Beaverton, OR
Flyers can be laid all year long. We will always get results, even for immediate work, if we lay enough of them. We just put out 4000 flyers in the last week and a half. We have 2 big jobs this week as a result and we landed 1 year-round maintenance account. I have also given another 7 or so bids and expect to land at least one or two more of them.

People will also hang on to flyers for a while. Some people call up to 6 months later. So there is a small residual there too.

The best results from flyers is in the spring and early summer. The challenge is that's also when we are the most busy and don't have much time to go hand out flyers. So I try to hand out as many as we can before our rush starts. Our rush begins in the middle or end of Feb.

I also make a point to have the guys go do flyers in the spring and summer if we ever have a free day with no side jobs to do. So we always end up doing a few fliers every month or two.

My estimate is that we have to lay about 200-500 flyers in the winter to get an [immediate work needed] call, and only about 50-100 in the spring and summer to get a call. So they are obviously a LOT more effective in the spring and summer. But I always lay them throughout the winter too. It's a good way to make good use of down time.

MTS Services

LawnSite Member
I have 40,000 flyers going out on Jan. 30th and another 40,000 on March 20th in a direct mail program. This is the first time I have tried this. Last year I pasted out about 200 by hand and had a pretty good response. I am very interested to see how this works out. It was fairly resonably priced it only cost me $1200 to have the flyer designed, printed and mailed.


Man Joe

LawnSite Member
Baltimore ,Md.
MTS Services looks like you've got a great advertising program put together. Haven't tried Direct Mail myself, but the numbers 40,000 (twice) should help keep the phone ringing. You should be able to pick your jobs and increase your prices on these.