when is the right time for pre-emergents???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by cmorris, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. cmorris

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    Hey guys, this is the first year that I am doing spring clean ups in beds. I was wondering when is the right time to put my pre-emergent weed control down and what is the best kind to get??? Any answers is very much appreciated.
    Thank you
    Cory :cool2:
  2. Of course ,if you had study hard for your pesticide license and retain that knowlege, you would already know this!

    Guess he needs a refresher!!!!!!!!! Before the crabgrass germinates!!!!!!!
  3. GroundKprs

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    Cory, do you have your 3a license?
  4. cmorris

    cmorris LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info Jim. The answer to your question is no I do not have a license yet. I am getting ready to head to Purdue to take get the study material and take the test. As for you Tim, why such an ass?? It was a simple question for help. That is what this forum is all about, not for your sarcastic comments. One thing you haven't learned about is professionalism!! I am sure everyone on here can agree with me on that.

  5. I assumed from your intial post, that you didn't have an license to apply pesticides, or if you did, you should have it revoked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A professioal, doesn't give advice to an unlicense person, whom which I don't know!

    Jim, he just ask the question in a much nicer way, that's all!

    I hope you do well on your test, and I now see you are doing the responsible thing, getting an pesticide license! Your going to be a a professional!
  6. Smitty58

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    As soon as I read cmorris's question I knew what was coming. Why is it that anyone that has a fert license gets bent out of shape when someone without one asks a question? Do you do that to other professions, like say your car is making a strange sound do you ever ask a "licensed mechanic" what he thinks it could be? Of course you do. I have 25 years exp. in the carpentry field and people ask me questions all the time about carpentry related things. Should I be a jerk and say "why don't you get trained in carpentry so you'll know the answer"? or should I be polite and try and answer the person's question. This site is about sharing information ,or at least that is what I thought it was for. Are you so threatened by others that you can't share?
  7. cemars

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    I see your point but its not apples to apples. Don't you have to have some accreditation or licensing to be a carpenter or can anybody be one? If all of a sudden a bunch of people with no training or insurance started wanting to do carpentry work and asked you how you cut a 2x4 or where should they go to buy a hammer, what would you think. This is basic stuff that someone who wants to be a carpenter should know, just like alot of the questions unqualified and unlicensed lawnsite posters ask with an annoying frequency. As TimTurf pointed out, this site is about professionals sharing information, if you are a licensed professional then you would not have to ask these basic questions. If you are not licensed and are trying to learn, just state it upfront and get it out of the way. And yes, we all feel threatened in a way by the potential negative impact that unlicensed and unqualified individuals could have on the publics perception of our industry.
  8. Smitty,

    Since the law states you must have a pesticide license to apply a product (not necessarily a chemical, but something for example like dish soap) to control a pest for hire, it was obvious by the question he didn't have a license, or shouldn't have one if he did! If he would have stated he was a homeowner, or in his example, was applying for a license, he probably wouldn't have gotten the response he did. The key is applying something to control a pest for HIRE Yes, we do share information!
  9. Ric

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    Even if you don't apply for hire, but apply to a property other than the one you live on. Yes in my state a landlord can not legally apply anything on his income property, He doesn't live there.

    Other case a few years back was a guy Killing ants with boiling water. He was doing so to the yards he mowed and not charging extra. He got a $ 5,000.00 fine for applying pesticides without a license. Another case in my area was two guys who opened a inside pest control company. They had a customer get poisoned and went to jail on a plea bargain.
  10. bobbygedd

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    from NJ
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    well ric, here, if you are not for hire, but you ARE a business owner (like your landlord scenerio) you cannot apply if the dwelling has 10 or more occupants

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