When is the soil dry enough to aerator and overseed in Kokomo,IN

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by 1966vette, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. 1966vette

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    I live in Kokomo, IN and missed the grass seed planting window last fall. I was told I could dormant seed anytime before spring. However, the winter weather prevented me from aerating and over seeding. The temperature in now starting to warm up and I want to know when is the soil dry enough to aerator and overseed. How is it determined? Is there a minimum required soil temperature?
    Thanks for helping!
  2. White Gardens

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    If you are using a cool season grass then I would wait until the soil temps reach 55*. That is optimal germination temps for cool season grasses.

    The soil doesn't have to be dry to aerate. You would actually get better results if you do it the day after a good rain. That way you get good penetration into the soil, just don't do it if you have standing water in the lawn.

    The falacy is that you need to seed in the fall. This is only a recommendation as you get proper temperatures and ample moisture to aid in germination.

    I've had good luck seeding at any point of the growing season, just as long as you are willing to keep it watered sufficiently to get the grass established.
  3. turfcobob

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    All the above. I would add that you want the soil / plugs to be dry enough that they break up when you crumble them in your hand.

    Aerate multiple times to make lots of holes. They make great germination spots. Spread the seed and then drag or break up the cores with a Verticut or dethating unit. This will help move the seed and dirt to the holes. Use a very good quality starter fert with weed control.
  4. SeedPro

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    Weed control being Tupersan? Any other weed control will contaminate your ungerminated seed,In my opinion and you need it to harden off and mow it twice or three times post germination before applying any weed control.

    You need to be very careful with weed controls while seeding.
  5. turfcobob

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    Yup, what he said. Spring planting is always tough under the best conditions.
  6. 1966vette

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    Thanks for the advice! I was not aware that you can use a starter fertilizer w/ weed control! It was my understanding the weed control would have an adverse effect on the KBG seed.
    Has anyone use Greenkeeper’s Secret Jumpstart fertilizer 32,3,10? Is this starter fertilizer OK for KBG seed? It is 1/3 the cost of Scott Starter Fertilizer & when you are seeding and fertilizing an acre the cost adds up quicky.
    Thanks again for all your help!

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