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When is the soil dry enough to aerator and overseed in Kokomo,IN

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I live in Kokomo, IN and missed the grass seed planting window last fall. I was told I could dormant seed anytime before spring. However, the winter weather prevented me from aerating and over seeding. The temperature in now starting to warm up and I want to know when is the soil dry enough to aerator and overseed. How is it determined? Is there a minimum required soil temperature?
Thanks for helping!
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All the above. I would add that you want the soil / plugs to be dry enough that they break up when you crumble them in your hand.

Aerate multiple times to make lots of holes. They make great germination spots. Spread the seed and then drag or break up the cores with a Verticut or dethating unit. This will help move the seed and dirt to the holes. Use a very good quality starter fert with weed control.
Yup, what he said. Spring planting is always tough under the best conditions.
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