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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JML, Oct 3, 2002.

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    If someone calls your office about installing a new landscape and you set up an appointment, what do you do from there. Does anyone send any intro. letter in the mail before the meeting? Also what do you bring with you to meeting with the potential customer other than pictures of past work and refrences? thanks
  2. Green Pastures

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    If there is time an intro letter would be nice, but I usually try to get with them within 2 days max. of their call.

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    I just started doing this. Like mentioned, if there's time I send them copies of Bus. Lic., Contractors Lic, Ins., bond info. I don't have alot of pictures just yet but will include them when I get more. Also business card. Maybe next year I will get some of those magnets made up and include them also.

    I got this idea from a guy who owns a large Landscape Curbing biz. who invited me to start attending our local Assoc. meetings. He helps me when I have questions that are running a biz. realted. He has a little more info. included in his deal. He sends them everything listed above, 3x5 colored cards that have his website on there. If they want to see pics. he's got his laptop in his truck with a printer in the back seat(so he can give the customer their bid right then and there) with all the jobs they've done in the past 10 yrs. or so. He sends them in a big green folder with a little slot for a biz. card. Very nice setup he's got.
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    We don't send an intro letter.

    When they call we typically schedule the appointment 1-2 weeks from the date of the call (because that's the first time available). But honestly, even if there's time available the next day, I never schedule it then - don't want to appear like we really need the work.

    I'm also a believer in momentum and timing when it comes to presenting materials. At our first meeting I just ask questions and listen. I show them our portfolio. I show them a portfolio of things we haven't (but could) do. Then I ask if they have any questions about us. Then I tell them how the process will follow from today. Sometimes I give them our CD ROM now, sometimes at the 2nd meeting. Sometime during this meeting I take measurements and photos of the area in question.

    The next meeting is when I pull out all of our info materials. First we go over the design. If you've done a good job with this, they'll be excited enough that the rest doesn't matter. But after presenting the design, I present the price. Then I show them where they can find our insurance, reference, etc info in the folder I'm leaving them.

    Then if they haven't already asked, I tell them when we would have time avilable to install their project.

    And I know that sales texts will probably tell you to close right then; push hard for the business. But I never do. I tell them to take all the time they want in making their decision. But I also tell them to bear in mind that work only gets scheduled upon receipt of a signed contract and deposit (not a 'pencil me in' request).

    Our close rate is running at about 80-85% this year.

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