when mowing what are good respirator mask and glasses.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by kebrowns, Jul 28, 2012.

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    Here in Georgia I am running across a lot of dust while mowing and sometimes stuff getting into my eyes. I have tried some nasal mask but they make me feel like I am starving for air. I also tried some glasses but they keep fogging up. Do you guys have any suggestions? Also whats good for ears?
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    While I'm not advocating that you breathe dust, maybe if it's that dry it doesn't need cutting.

    Disposable foam ear plugs for the ears.
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    I like to use my Swedish military surplus gas mask.
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    Bandana (hence the name "Outlawn") and cheapie Z87 safety sunglasses from Ace. If it does the job in dusty, dirty west Texas, I'm sure it'll do the job in GA. For the ears, I have some nice SkullCandy headphones that do a great job of blocking out sound and debris. I use some Howard Leight slimline ear muffs when on the ZTR. Hope that helps
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    I use a 3M mask. I use OCC wrap around sunglasses that I bought from TSC. Hold tight against the face and keep stuff out.
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