When one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong....

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by PicturePerfectLawns, May 1, 2014.

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    Which model is it? If it's McLane, I have a McLane walk behind I also piked up for the same exact price, $60.00. I love that thing for cutting fresh edges. I stick edge or trim edge everything, but you know how it is when you need a walk behind! I piked up a roto tiller, not the mini tiller, but the bigger tillers just a few minutes ago in the neighborhood. Someone set it out on the curb. I'm sure it's too late to look at tonight, but I'm willing to bet it's a blown engine. If so I'm going to swap it the same way I did the reel mower with a $99.00 Harbor Freight engine. ;) :laugh:

    Got that $99.00 HF Chonda in the McLane Reel today with a little bit of fabrication it bolted right up. Reel is back lapped and the bed knife is sharp as an be. It ran like a dream and cut like a dream. To tell you the truth them engines are worth every bit of $99.00. I'll see how it holds up over time, but it seems like you can't beat them for the price on just replacing fixer uper's that you pick up. Now I'm bak to the mowing schedule on the lawn one day later. :cool2:

    That Honda engine that was on there looked like it was manufactured in the late 80's or early 90's and it hydro locked for sure. Here's a shot with the old engine off and the new engine on. Took a bit of fab., an hour, and a six pack.

  2. OakNut

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    I stepped in dog poo again today.
  3. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Glad to hear that. Because guess what Oak Nut? :cool2:

    I did the same thing again too! :cool2::cool2:

    Matter of fact, I think there's fresh poo on one of the mower wheels. :weightlifter:
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    It looks like a Mclane but it has Craftsman stickers on it
    I didn't walk it but did hit some with mower at same time I was passing one my guys blew it all over him It Happens
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    Yep, I've seen the Craftsman ones also. In fact, my neighbor has one. ;) This dog poo is non sense. Need to start charging 10% extra if there's dog poo in your lawn on mow day.
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    Today I'm edging a mulch bed, cut right through a wire that was like 2" deep. Then a half hour later, I step on one of those covers that people put over the basement window holes and I fell right through it.
  7. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Don't feel bad man. I did much worse other day. Almost broke my leg in the process. I shop broom swept the last of the compost out of the bed. And was at the car was getting the residue left out. I pulled up the truck a little bit past the drain and hopped out of the bed after spraying it. When I jumped down I went straight through the drain that wasn't put on correct. Need I say I smelt like complete garbage and the water was almost waste deep. I went home with my whole jeans soaked.
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    Always happens that way, it could be smooth sailing for 5-6 weeks then everything decides to take a crap for a week or two.

    Been there far too many times yet I always seem to find a way to keep rolling without getting too behind.
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    I had some luck also. Broke my new extension tow mirror while on the job. Then while trimming around a shed i heard a loud noise . I broke the back glass out of a custom van.
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  10. Mark Oomkes

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    Welcome to my life.

    You just need to add employees to the mix.

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