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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 10, 2004.

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    2 crazy things happened to me today. the first one: i have a first year client who i just cut and fert for, the leaves were "to be priced accordingly." well, it's time to clean her leaves. i go over, i say look, i'll come 3 times this month for $150. now, what i meant was, for the total of $150, i'd come 3 times. she says ok. i start, she comes out and says, "i have to go to the doctor, here's your check for today($159), tell me when you're comming again, i'll make sure to leave you a check." i said, "check?" she said, "yes, you said $150 each time, for 3 visits....." now, with the few leaves she has, this turns out to maybe 30 min solo each time. she thought i meant $150 each time, for a total of $450. number 2: a guy calls for leaf cleanup. i go over, i tell him $300. he says, "ok, how much extra would it be to clean the leaves out of the beds too?" now, when i told him 3 bills, i MEANT with cleaning the beds too. two golden opportunties to make great extra money for doing nothing. what would you do?
  2. GreenMonster

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    All your customers fall into one of two categories:

    1. Complete crooks
    2. Complete idiots
  3. rodfather

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    I'd be honest about it in BOTH situations...they sound like respectable people who you want to keep.
  4. wojo23323

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    Be honest with them.
  5. RobH

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    You always have the best stories.

    I think I would be honest with both people. If she is a good first year client, why rip her off now? You are better off having her long term if she is a good client. Plus, if she and her friends start talking about prices she may find out that you were "very expensive" and switch to another lco next year.

    I'd probably be honest with the guy too. Especially if he is a good customer. I'd probably lose sleep at night knowing I took advantage of somebody.

    Also, if you are honest with them, maybe they will throw you a bone down the road for being honest.

    Once again, thank you for sharing your stories on this site. I think everyone here gets a kick out of them and the way you handle things.
  6. chevyman1

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    Bobby where do you find the time to meet all these lunatics, get your work done, and then talk to us lunatics on here? :p
  7. all degree

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    For the lady I would clarify that you meant $150 total and for the second I would giv ehim the impression that you will throw in the beds for free.
  8. Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

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    Only 2 crazy things happened to you today? Only work half a day bobby?
  9. MMLawn

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    I'd hit'em both in the head with the shovel and tell them that was because they didn't pay in advance and then tack on a surcharge for shovel work :waving:
  10. beransfixitinc

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    Hmm.. i was thinking he only had enough work for a couple of hours today. One crazy thing an hour seems to be the usual quota with Mr.Gedd.

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