When should I expect people to call???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jon99, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. It seems like every lawn care company does FLYERS or DOOR HANGERS.

    Booth are great and pick your prefferance.

    What works best for me is going door - door delivering flyers.
    When and if I have the time I ring the bell introduce my self and leave a flyer.

    2 weeks later you follow up the same way.

    If you can hit your targeted area 5-10 times about 1 week apart they WILL be thinking about your company.

    wk 1 Door to door flyers advertising your spring and winter services (Lawn care and snow removal)

    wk 2 Direct mailer 1/4 page ad

    wk 3 18x24 Signs along road sides and customers homes (Get permission)

    wk 4 Door - door flyers (Use differnt design) follow up flyers

    wk 5 Community Event (Sponsor a community event) Indroduce yourself to every one ther place flyers on cars out side (get permission)
  2. wk 6 Flyer delivery service - Use a company that will deliver your flyer with other companys flyers. Most home owners look throu these flyers and find 1-2 flyers they can use

    wk 7 Door - Door flyers (Same design as wk 1)

    wk 8 Direct mail again (Same add)

    wk 9 Add in sercvice directory of newspaper and Flyer insent in paper

    wk 10 Follow up flyers door - door

    By now you should have people calling you to eigher sign up or say stop givving me flyers.

    This is just one way
    Find a program that will work for you.

    This program could get you 100+ customers

    You may only be looking to get 15-30

    So be carefull over advertising can be a bad thing (If you cant service the customers when they call)
  3. GraZZmaZter

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    It seems like around here people wait until the last minute. Ive read some great ideas on here giving incentive to make that call earlier. Such things as :

    Discounts for signing a contract before a set date

    Adding extra services or discounted services for signing early

    JustALawnGuy had a great idea : A professionally painted picture of your home with the agreement singed before the snow melts.

    This should get the ball rolling in your mind for some ideas to help your deli ma. Good luck!
  4. Jon99

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    I have to admit, I am getting a little frustrated.... I have had an ad in two weeklys for 2 weeks and a classified ad in the daily paper for a week and not a single call yet, plus put out about 200 flyers two days ago...
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    Stay calm and pay attention to the big picture. Weather hasn't been very good in most of the country.

    I had a lady call last fall saying she had one of my flyers she put back. My flyers? I haven't put the out in a long time. She described it to me, it was from several years ago. She kept it. Its all about the potential customers timing, not yours.

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