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When Soliciting New Homeowners?

Trinity Lawn Care LLC

LawnSite Senior Member
Hi All,

I saw someone post a great idea about soliciting new homeowners about a week or two after they settle into their new home.

What kind of response rate do you think you could expect from this type of advertising? Do you think that it would be higher then say your normal flyer response since they just moved in and probably do not have a lawn company yet, about the same, or lower? Who feels that this would be an effective way to increase their customer base?



LawnSite Fanatic
when I was doing electrishion work all we did was install's on new homes.
And sa ya may know they dont build untill it's sold.

The home owners would come by quite offten to check how things are going and I met several of them and gave them a business card and a discont.

I did'nt get not 1 customer.

But that's just me. it may work for you


LawnSite Senior Member
Raleigh, NC
My first customer was new to the area. Visited them, earned their business and re-signed next year's contract already.

Even if you only get a couple, seems worth it to me.

Team Gopher

LawnSite Platinum Member
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Hi Trinity Lawn Care, LLC,

I think your best bet is to hand out as many flyers as you can in your service area multiple times through out the year.

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