when submitting estimates to commercial prop. what do

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JML, Jan 26, 2002.

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    when you submit and estimate to a commercial property what else do you include with it. I only send in a one page estimate sheet and I would like to add more pages to it. i need some input. thanks

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    I agree 100% with what u said LAWNGODFATHER.Most compaines practice what that fellow said in our area, then wonder were all there profit is, also why they don't hold commercial contracts more than 1 year at a time.Its like revolving door with these accounts.The three biggest things we strive for are Quailty, being Professional, being Reliable.90% of our commercial accounts don't take bids year to year!!!When you can do that then you know you have done something right!!!!:blob2:
  3. Cool

    I retain about 98% of my clients doing the same as you.

    I usualy loose clients to moving or death.

    I have a big ad campain for this up and coming season, and have redirected my biz intrest to a more profitable type.

    Less visits, more money per a visit.
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    Two weeks ago i mailed a bid to a company called US-Lawns. They sent me a letter which stated that another LCO had gotten the bid, this is for a Bank in Evansville In 2-days ago i recieved a call from the Co. who got the bid, and they sub-contracted it out to me, i have been doing this account now for 2yrs and the other LCO is up north,which only makes sense to sub the job. So my cotract is on the way and they will be signing it they want me to start in Feb. US-Lawns is located in Tennessee and Florida, i didn't even know that this company took over Union Planters Banks vendors untill last month. Goes to show you always keep those bids going out cause i thought i lost the job but ill be signing for 2-more yrs. Plus for more money than the last 2. Marks Mowing Service
  6. theleven; Those look like they were stolen from me. lol

    Mark let me get this strait;

    You lost the account(s) to US-Lawns and are now subbing for them at more than you were getting before and on a 2 year contract?

    We have a some Union Planters Banks here might have to give US-Lawns a call.
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    Godfather the LCO which got the bid is who gave me the account they are 85miles north,to far for 1 Account. They talked to the Bank Mananger who is very pleased with my work,so they took my bid which was higher this yr. Marks Mowing Service
  8. _GUNNER_8

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    Mark glad u didnt lose contract!!! we just signed with US LAWNS to do 15 branches of UNION PLANTERS with them.We started 15 of jan.I really dont like to sub. but the money was to good to pass up.Good luck!!! :angel:
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    Along with the proposal, there is a separate sheet with references and also a copy of my current ACORD (insurance) form.

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