When the lowballer is your partner (ex partner)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Liquidfast, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Liquidfast

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    I split with my partner in Nov. 07. We went our separate ways. All of our contracts expired in April 08.

    I bid one of the commercial accounts at $1125 per month ... he bid it at $425 per month.

    I was always the one who wanted nothing to do with residential (bad experiences) however, I guess he felt I would go after the homes so he gave them all a flyer stating 15% off ANYONES advertised price :hammerhead:

    I service commercial properties and 2 houses. He services 2 commerical properties and 20 houses. He runs a home depot combination kit (came with a zero turn, push mower and trimmer for $3200.00) and I run commercial equipment. Now that I think about it, maybe that is why he is able to offer his services for such little money.

    We split due to him thinking we should be making more money. Now he is working for less than we made as partners..........does this make sense?

    With the soaring prices in gas and the ever shrinking budgets of home owners, is it worth it to work for free? I only service residential properties if they are willing to pay my high rates which is why I only have 2.

    Doing the math and given the numbers he works for....

    10 houses at $25 per cut = $250 day

    Gas minimum $30 day

    Insurance, wear and tear $20 day

    Employee $110 day

    His employee makes more a day than he does :dizzy:.. He is a nice guy and its a shame.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent. After receiving no less than 3 calls this week alone (and its only Wednesday) that he has bid as much as HALF of my bid to the same properties we serviced makes me wonder.
  2. cantoo

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    Liquid, he does 10 lawns a day at $25 per and has an employee? How and why? My wife works by herself and cuts a lot more than that. Does he only cut two days per week? She cuts around 50 places per week and several are 3 to 4 acres.
  3. F.S Lawn Care

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    hahaha.....first off, why would he hire an employee if he were only cutting 10 lawns in a day? Second, he's paying 44% of his earnings for help, which is ridiculous.......I guess he just wants it more and is being thick headed who knows he won't stay in business too long.......maybe if he dumped the employee, but thats still not much money,: hopefully he has another part time job.
  4. Scagguy

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    I woundn't worry about him. With those kind of expenses, he'll be broke by the end of next month if not sooner. His home owner equipment probably wouldn't make it through the summer anyway. Having an employee for 10 yards? Gimme a break.

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