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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cuttingkid, Jan 2, 2005.

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    i have been mowing lawns under my neighbor who owns his own chemical and fert buisnes and i have been using his mowers to cut the lawns he has had so i am not making as much as i could if i had my own lawns and mower. so, this year i just bought a commercial mower (48" bobcat walkbehind). so this next season i want to get my own lawns to have more of a profit on them. my question is when have you guys found the best time to put out flyers. also i herd people talking about putting a bid on the flyer, sounds like a good idea. i was also thinking what if you said on the flyer if you have a neighbor sighn up too, both you and the neighbor can have say a $5 discount. so that i would save transit time and gas. has anyone tried that or does anyone have any opinions.
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    Now (January) is a good time to start with flyers. True, most folks are not yet thinking about the lawn yet, but January is when their existing LCO will start trying to resign them. If you wait until the end of Feb or March many will have already commited to a maintenance agreement.

    Your idea of both parties saving $5 bucks is an excellent one. I have used that successfully in the past. It's great to be able to stay in an area and work without to much 'windshield time'.

    I've seen in this forum that many put a price on the flyer and perhaps they can provide the argument for doing so. I have never done that but rather put that I will provide a free onsite quotation. Then you get to meet the prospect and win them over with your confidence and professionalism (hopefully).

    Good luck cuttingkid!
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    i'd say march, april, may, june, then again in late august, sept. BUT, i have also found that they seem to hang on to flyers. i've put out a load and not recieved any response for 4 months
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    Word of mouth is the only thing that will build your business to the point of independence.

    The problem with most starting out is that they have no word of mouth because they have no customers.

    1. Bid properties the first year so you can make money, but not get rich. - Then maybe you will get a few jobs.
    2. Take pictures of the jobs you do get, and include them in your serious bids the next year, along with a bid that is appropriate in your area that will make you a living.
    3. Look on the internet for ways to make your operation more efficient to lower your costs and increase your profits. ie. search- lawnmowers - or mower decks - or commercial lawn mowers. There are lots of web pages that can get you going.
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    thanks guys
  6. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Best time I have found just after the last snow of the season when it starts to warm up. The draw back is and this happened to me you can get hit with a late season snowstorm and then you find all the advertisements you just sent out fall on deaf ears. Its very time sensitive you want to be the first to get the potential customers attention but if your to early and the season hasn’t started yet then they will forget about you and look at the newest advertisement they just got. Basically March and April are the best time once cutting season starts getting new lawn accounts gets much harder.

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