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  1. SapphireStA

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    I am a homeowner in central Fla., zone 9a. I am trying to handle my own weed/pest control and would appreciate your thoughts on the following ( if I cannot get the turf to at least start improving by summer, I will return to a professional, but I want to at least try myself first !!)

    Location - Daytona area
    Turf - Floratam St.Augustine
    H2O- once weekly, 30 mins. per zone (will increase in summer rains)
    Light - all areas of yard receive partial to all-day sun
    Misc.- we have voles/moles, but they're not an issue now
    Weeds - oxalis, dandelions, a little nutsedge
    Spreader - Scotts Accugreen 3000 drop

    I applied granular pre-emergent (Dimension 0.21 0-0-7 from Lesco) on 6 March '10. I'm still seeing a huge amount of oxalis and dandelions in our Floratam St.Aug., and I would like to know how soon I can apply Lesco Atrazine 0.92 20-0-10....or if it's perhaps too late? :confused: I have been trying to pull the weeds by hand w/ out harming the turf runners, but it's a challenge. Our yard is approx. 50-60% infested. We have several bare patches that I'll be plugging in May. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. LawnoftheMonth

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    apply it now before it gets too hot, read the label for temp. ranges.
  3. SapphireStA

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    Thank you very much!! I didn't even think to doublecheck the label, duh. :dizzy: Looks like that's my big project today...

  4. jvanvliet

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    0.92 Atrazine is essentially useless; try looking at Scott brand of St. Augustine weed & feed, I believe it contains 1.23% or so; actually for the home owner Lesco with peloxalum (or something like that since my supply is under 25 50lb bags 0f 10-10-10; I'm sure that some-one will correct me )is more effective especially on broad leaf.

    Re. Temps, make sure long range weather calls for temps above 70... & check your ground temp. Putting the stuff down with low temps will waste it and just wash it below the root zone, it doesn't work well on cold shocked or dormant plants. In Dayona, I believe you may have some time, timing is everything.
  5. Ric

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    Oops Bad advice.

    Atrazine will not control Oxalis or Nutsedge. However "Lesco 3 Way" will get Oxalis and Dandelion. Sedge requires a herbicide like "Dismiss" which will also get Dandelions.

    Atrazine over use or in this case wrong use is why it is now a RUP and known ground water contaminate.
  6. ICT Bill

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    Listen to Ric and stay away from atrazine, not only will it not perform and get the weeds you are hoping to get but the EPA is reviewing it and its class of chemicals for cross over in animals. not good

    atrazine = skull and cross bones

    have you ever thought about bending over and pulling the weed instead of exposing yourself, your dog, your family, every other family that walks by your house and steps in your yard to toxins?
  7. LawnoftheMonth

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    my bad, I didnt read what his target weeds were.
  8. SapphireStA

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    As a matter of fact, yes, I HAVE thought about it. Even better, I've actually done it-repeatedly. As I said in my first post I have been pulling weeds (for the past several weekends), but I'm looking for a better way. The fine folks at JDL ? Lesco sold me the atrazine after I told them of my particular situation, so I'm not sure why you feel compelled to use sarcasm on me, since I followed their advice, too! If you guys feel that Atrazine's not the way to go, I'll return the bag and look at other options.
  9. RAlmaroad

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    Sapphine: Simazine will not travel through the soil as bad as Atrazine. Therefore you can use it closer to your trees and bushes than Atrazine. As far as gene mutations on amphibians, which is what the hype is about and the most venerable to mutations, I have not seen any studies.
    Also, simazine will take more heat than the atrazine. Pull up a label and compare the two. When you said "return the bag", my atrazine and simazine comes in 2.5 gallon jugs, never seen any in power form. But there's a lot os things that I've not seen. Wait until full greenup and a couple of mowing and use Image or Dismiss or Metsulfuron.
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  10. SapphireStA

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    Thanks- the Atrazine is 0.92% w/ fert. 20-0-20, pinkish and grey granules, 50 lb.bag. Lesco Prod. no.90555.
    I appreciate yours and everyones' help.

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