When to buy your own trencher/skid

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CurbAppealKS, Sep 12, 2013.

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    Why don't you?
  2. ArTurf

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    How do pull a pallet of sod with a mini skid? Would really like to know how, it would be really handy
  3. txirrigation

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    My guys either put a tow strap around the bottom 1/4 and pull it, or sometimes they put the strap through the pallet and pull it. They also wedge the bucket under the pallet and lift up on it as much as they can and push it. I will try to make a video next time I see them doing it.
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  4. Stillwater

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    My smaller bobcat will not cleanly pick a pallet of sod up it kinda 1/2 picks it up and can be skidded around somewhat...
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  5. Irrigation Contractor

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    The diesel units IMO are much less maintenance versus the gasoline engines which are usually made by Kohler. We had a lot of trouble with the air cleaners which basically let the fine dust into the motor. I put 4 engines in our Dingo 220 within a matter of 6 years and friend of mine who owns a landscape company has installed aftermarket filter systems on all of his to address the issue.

    I know we could have done the same, but at that point I was ready to jump into the 320D units. I just believe the diesels are a better way to go long term and since our entire fleet is now able to use Off-road diesel and we have a 500 gallon tank at our office.

    Which ever you choose, good luck to you. I am probably not the best person to ask when it comes to maintenance because we have an extreme amount of rock in our soil, so we are always fixing something:hammerhead:
  6. CurbAppealKS

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    Thanks for all the responses guys. When I spring for a unit it will most likely be a diesel based on knowing the extra torque they have. I have had some interest in hardscapes and that would definitely make installing those much easier. I will have to just keep my eyes peeled for any deals that might come around.

    On another note, if I were to go to DW or Vermeer and show interest in purchasing a new unit, do any of you know if they would be willing to work on the price at all if I bought a package deal with several attachments?
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  7. Irrigation Contractor

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    YES and YES.

    I did not have the luxury of having "dualing dealers" pricing most of our purchases. Mainly because besides our Dingo's, we have been a Vermeer contractor for over 15 years. Our loyalty definitely got us a great deal and our salesman is just someone I really trust now due to the amount of transactions we have done together. Just like our dealer who sells us trucks, I purchased my 2nd truck from him and have purchased every truck ever since and that was in 1999.

    My point is....try to build long term relationships with everything you do and some day you will be buying your 3rd, 8th and hopefully your 20th piece of equipment or truck.

    Most equipment dealers will put a quote together stating this IS the price. In some cases it is and others you can negotiate. It all depends how bad they need to move units and it also depends on the overall market place / economy. We just purchased another RT 450 last year and had to wait 2 months to get it. It did surprise me that it took so long until I learned most of the manufacturers are producing based on demand versus loading dealers with stock. This actually hurt my negotiating power because there were none available so I was not able to get an special deals. We did work out a price that we were both cool with, yet there were no smoking deals to be had:dizzy:
  8. CurbAppealKS

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    Thanks for the insight guys. Guess ill have to brush up on the ol' wheelin and dealin skills. Hope you all have had a good year! I'm excited to finish this one out and get going next year.
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