When to Hire a third Employee

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Greendog, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. Greendog

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    Looks like your running a nice operation. I like the idea of cutting comercials on Mondays. Thanks for your reply Matt!
  2. Chilehead

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    I would have to agree here. I can manage 10-12 a day by myself. 18 a day minimum with 1 additional employee.
  3. Lazer Cut

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    How far are your accounts from one another? 45 accounts with you plus two employees cant get mowing done because of what other services hinder you from completing those accounts?
  4. nobagger

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    In simple terms, its time to hire when you are loosing money and the opportunity to make more money. If your stuck mowing all day and your not able to get to an estimate until evening or a day or two later then you might want to hire on another guy. Maybe make it a part time gig or like you said, tighten up your route a bit. To me, driving more than 15-20 minutes to another account is not worth it unless there are multiple accounts close to that one. Routing is key to making money! We have an "east side route" which takes us roughly 10-15 minutes to get on that side of town but the longest travel time between stops, once over there is less than 6 minutes and a lot are less than 2 minutes apart. Our "Tuesday route" has about 15 lawns, most smaller (5-8k sqft lawns, a lot of 21" and 36" work) and with lots of crap in them. My guys start at 8am and are finished by 12:30- 1pm and that day makes 550.00 gross, minus 125.00ish for labor and fuel etc. it brings in a little chunk every week. The rest of our routes are as tight as tight can be. I am very fortunate in finding customer's that close. Word of mouth advertising is a great thing.:waving:
  5. RickR1818

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    What size mowers are you running? It may be better to get a new larger mower or 2 to increase your productivity. That would also be alot cheaper, less headaches, and less overhead.

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