When to hire seasonal help?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grassmasterswilson, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. grassmasterswilson

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    If you are like me everyone is in the office getting the books done and preparing for the upcoming season.

    Last year I hired a full time guy and needed a second ... Who just happened to fall into my lap and worked out all season.

    This year I need to prepare job listing to replace him.

    We will start to transition into mowing the first half of march.

    So how far in advance do you start looking for guys?

    Do you like to start them early before you get busy to weed them out, but may be reduced hours til we are running full steam? We all know the first guy doesn't always work out.

    Just curious what the experienced hirers have found works for them. I hate to wait too long and be short handed when the seasons starts.
  2. Johnny79

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  3. Johnny79

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    I think the sooner the better, it's hard to find good help, or just any help
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  4. szykan

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    I've seen ads for interviews starting anytime, and they state work begins March 1, April 1, or something like that. I think as long as you are upfront about it that it wouldn't be a problem. When they start with you depends on your$, and their experience. Good luck to you
  5. Utah Lawn Care

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    There is nothing wrong with interviewing a hand full of people then giving one a call and asking if he can help you for the day or the week. He won't feel like he has officially been hired, and it won't be difficult to kick him to the curb if he isn't cutting it.
  6. grassmasterswilson

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    Thanks guys. We will start the mowing season around march 1 but it may be later in march before we are servicing all properties on a weekly basis.

    There won't be a full weeks work between now and then and I need to keep my current guy as busy as possible.

    I've always been upfront with guys about the start and end of the season .... 40+ hours while things are warm and I will do my best the few weeks before and after the season.

    It would be really nice to hire someone early to train will things are slow and see if he works out. Might start an ad February 1 with a start date of march 1 or before should he be ok with fewer hours.

    I've seen Craigslist has started charging for job post so I may need to find a different route
  7. oqueoque

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    I don't know if you hand out flyers, but if you do, you could hire them to do that & use it as a test. I have handed out my own & it is physically challenging after sitting on my butt for a couple of months. If the guy complains he is tired after 1 hour or you ride by to check on him & he isn't walking, you might need to try out someone else. This also gives him some hours prior to the season.

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