When to order Fastrak 20/52

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    Quick question...
    We have 2nd home on 5 acres in Eustis, FL and drive up there (From south FL) once a month. I wish to purchase and have delivered a Fastrak 20/52 from Orange City Equipment in Central FL which is about 30 minutes away from us in Eustis. Does it take weeks for Hustler to ship these to dealers in Central FL?

    This dealer usually doesn't have many (if any) Fastraks in stock so my question is - Is 1 month too early to order this and have it delivered to my home in Eustis on the day I arrive? I'm only in Eustis about two days so the delivery must be on target.

    My concern is if the tractor is sitting at the dealer for several weeks and it's one of the only Fastak's there, it's likely to become a demo before it's delivered to me. Anyone have expericence with this situation?
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    As long as there is not a backorder on a mower, in Florida our distributor can supply dealers in 1 to 2 days.
    Talk to your dealer and let him know when and where you want it, make the arrangements and you will be fine.


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