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When to plant grass seed and bushes in so IL?

Derek's Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
I have a couple lawns that are all dirt bc the houses were just built and they want me to plant some grass seed and do some landscaping for them but I was wondering if anyone knows when the best time is to plant seed and bushes? Now, or when it gets warmer or... Please help, thanks!
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With seed, you'll need the soil temps to come up a bit for the best success. If the weather warms up a bit in the next few weeks, you might be in luck- but it doesn't look that way. Soil temps are still in winter mode...Second week in March is a good time to seed if you must, at least here in Louisville. With that said, Fall is the best time to establish cool-season grasses.

As for any plantings (shrubs, trees), as soon as you can best work the soil, you're ok. If soil is workable (not muddy and a total mess) then you can plant shrubs right now, no problem....IF they are available!