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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike M, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. JimLewis

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    No twist. I was just saying they were pretty decent, well thought out mailers. And they should have produced some decent results. Unfortunately, they did not. And I'm just not too interested in wasting more money figuring out exactly why.

    I wasn't upset. I just get kind of spirited when making a point. That's all.
  2. Chris J

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    No worries Jim. I'm glad you aren't mad at me for the questions. It's sometimes very hard to read emotion within written text. Don't lose that spirited attitude!!
  3. JimLewis

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    I re-read what I wrote. I guess maybe I did get my panties in a wad for a second there. Didn't mean to be that defensive. If I am angry about the situation, it's not at you. I was just angry that I wasted $6,000 ($3,000 each mailing) on something that really hasn't panned out for us. It was a bummer. But If they were in a wad it was only for a minute while I was typing that. I'm actually having a great day! Landed a really nice job at the end of the day. So that was a nice way to finish it.

  4. SRT8

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    I think your mailer looks great! bummer that it didn't work out for you guys. around here only tree companies are successful with mailers. Some of the local companies that market towards residential spend a couple thousand dollars a month on mailers but they take a different approach , they send their mailer in a coupon format (they come in the junk mail bundle). Some of they guys say the ROI is great.
  5. Chris J

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    I'll figure out the science to this marketing thing one day and when I do....... I'll be rich!!! It's amazing how different mediums will give completely different results, even when the market might seem to be very similar. Case in point: My good friend and colleague operating the same kind of lighting business in Orlando is smoking me in terms of sales and he attributes the majority of his response to magazines. I've spent way too much money on this, and I've all but mimicked his ads, verbatim, and it has never worked for me in Northeast Florida (not even a little bit). Weird? I think it's ridiculous!!

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