When to start getting nervous

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ffmedjoe, Apr 23, 2014.

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    It is a slow start this year.

    When you start your business it can either be a feast or famine situation.

    When I started ours, I had a part time job for 2 years to pay the bills as business slowly took off, and I mean slowly.

    Now we are at 1 full time and 2 part time employees. Things are finally falling into place, gross is up every year, and I feel established.

    Either everyone in our area either knows someone that does green work, or thinks they can do it themselves. And the market was already saturated (though work is still out there).

    With our niche(s), we've slowly been able to make the business into something profitable. We are a value based, customer service/relation based business and now we are seeing customers from 5 years ago calling us back. So the style of growth we set out is starting to really work.

    So, I guess what I'm saying is be patient and make sure you have another source of income to help out for the first few years. The long term advantages of owning a business (10+ years) is where it will pay off.

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    Wouldn't worry about it. I've had many of years where it didn't look like new customers in the forecast....but once their lawn grows too long and they don't want to mow it, they will be callin
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    I wouldn't worry too much just yet. As another person posted, we had a very brutal winter that hung around a little longer than we would have liked it to. This time last year I was already in full swing. I've only cut one lawn so far (mine) lol. In the mean time I've been busy with landing clean ups from new and all of my existing clients and doing some mulch. I'm starting my first batch of mowing this week. Unfortunately we are supposed to get a lot of rain here in the northeast this week. So that will help shorten the week. Before you know it, probably in a week or two, you will be in full swing.
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    Take Tony's advice. Having a website set up properly was the smartest advertising dollars I've ever spent.

    Other than that it takes time. I was working part time my first season and a half until I could cut loose and go at it full time.
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    Starting my first week of mowing today.
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    How do you go about doing this?
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    You will be nervous first few years. I was.
    Get those few valuable customers, and do a GREAT job for them. Over, and over again.
    Those customers will talk, and 2-3 seasons in, you will get more calls. After the 3rd or 4th season, look out the phone really rings.

    This is all assuming you do a good job. If not, you will be out of business.
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    First, and most important, go to Jeni's Ice Cream and send me a variety pack. :)


    http://listings.local.yahoo.com/ (bottom right, "Yahoo Local Basic Listing")


    Two pieces of advice:

    1. You really want to make sure your Name/Address/Phone is listed the exact same way, any place you use it.

    2. If you have a web site, you also want to make sure your link is correct. WWW.yourlawncompany.com is not the same as yourlawncompany.com
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