When to start passing out flyers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RyanCanMow, Jan 31, 2001.

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    Hey everyone! First of all, I would just like to say what an awesome site this is! It's great that people can come together and help one another out by giving advice or tips!

    I live in Mississippi, and I was just wondering what is too early to start passing out flyers. Last year we started the 2nd week of March, but I know this year that there is alot more competition out there. When would be the best time to put out flyers to get the best quality yards before everyone else?

    I also wondered if putting flyers behind the flag on a mail box is the best way to advertise my service for residentials?

    Thanks for the help! Y'all have a great day!
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    Ryan,This site has a lot of information about fliers.Go up near the top of the page and on the line above "posting guidelines" click on the word "search" .When the screen comes up, type in the word "fliers". There is so much information there, that it will take you a while to read through it all.

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