when to start pre emergent apps

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DBALLARD, Jan 21, 2000.


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    I'm in NC and just starting out. When should I start putting out pre emergent fert. By the way what is a good quality spreader.
  2. Cannonturf

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    Well i'm not sure in NC.Up here in the north we start around late march to early april depending when the snow cover is gone.The rule of thumb here is to have it down before the soil temp reaches 55 degrees.So we usually have till around May 15th.<br>I'm sure many places never get below 55 in soil temp.I to would like to know how you warm climate people go about it?
  3. NeilG

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    As mentioned before, soil temp is the key. For Crabgrass control, as well as a number of other weeds, the pre-em needs to be in place before the soil is 55-58. I am located in central Alabama, and I plan to start applying the 1st of Feburary. That might be a bit early, but with the number of customers that I service, I have to start then in order to have protection. I do a split application of pre-em, for several reasons. (In other words I apply 1/2 rate twice). The second application will get me through the Summer without too much problem.<br>Take a look at the Lesco spreader. Had mine for over 3 years, and it has done well. In fact I got lazy last year and bought one of their hydro units, and has it ever been a life saver. Pushing through Zoysia in 95 degree temps is not too much fun.

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