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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by MLow634, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. MLow634

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    My question is.....
    I live in Pa, about an hour west of Philadelphia, and I want to know when you guys would start advertising - fliers, door to door, ect...

    I have been handing out business cards to everyone I know and telling them to give them to everyone they know.

    This will be my first season in business and I'd like to pick up around 30 lawns.

    Also besides word of mouth....what is the best means of advertising price/response/time?

    I know its a federal chrime to put fliers in mailboxes, but i did it for a powerwashing company I own and had no complaints and got a fairly good response rate 5-6%. I'm going to try it again for the Landscaping co. When do I start putting out fliers and when in the day is the best time to do it?
  2. 1MajorTom

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    You know it's a federal crime to do it.... but you are going to do it anyway?? :rolleyes:
    Hey we all like to take shortcuts, and putting fliers in a mailbox is an easy way to pass them out.... but is it worth it to do it the wrong way??
  3. crawdad

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    Has the EPA asked you where the runoff from the powerwashing goes yet? If not, they will.
  4. Carolina Cuts

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    I thought it was ok to put flyers on the side of the mailboxes... say for instance... inbetween the red flag and the mailbox itself....???
  5. Mark McC

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    I've heard varying things about the legality of using the outside of the mailbox. I've done it a lot and have never heard any complaints.

    I just wish more houses around here had mailboxes at the street. Seems like 2 out of 3 homes have mailboxes hung by the front door.
  6. SOMM

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    FREQUENCY of ads are key if you want new accounts in established territories of your competition. When we do this, we place 3 times: mid-february(now), beginning march, and then mid march is usually all it takes to spark interest. Your ad or flyer/hanger (and follow-up call) has to immediately get across BENEFITS to the customer, that is "what's in it for them".

    As for in-mailbox placement, why wouldn't you want your company's ads to have the applicable postcard-rate or 37-cent first class stamp upon it?
    It looks more professional to the customer than a piece of crinkled up trash on the side of their mailbox. 100 first-class, peel & stick stamps are only a $37 buck check made payable to "Postmaster" and are 100% tax deductions for you. Certain stamp styles compliment your mailing.

    If the customer has outgoing mail in their mailbox with the flap up for mail carrier pickup the day your flyers are going in them, simply hand-cancel that one particular flyer's postage stamp by drawing lines thru it with your pen or marker so that the mail carrier doesn't pick it up along with the customers outgoing uncancelled-stamped mail.

    Most post offices will fine you for the deficient postage based upon Mail Carrier observation of your flyer at beginning and end of their route in that particular neigborhood. They multiply the first class postage by the # of homes/bizes in that particular neighborhood, then call your listed phone# on the ad and then mail you an invoice for it. If you still try to shrug off paying postage at that point is when they will fine you.
  7. MLow634

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    Why would the EPA question where my run off is going, the only chemicals I use are 100% natural and bio-degradable....

    That is not even my question

    I know its a federal chrime, but when you are just starting out and have next to no money, it is a cheap way to pick up customers.

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