when to stop power raking?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by alpine692003, May 13, 2004.

  1. alpine692003

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    When do you guys stop power raking?

    I just did a power rake for a customer on Tuesday / May 11th / 2004. After that, I followed up with grass seed and 29-3-4 fert!

    I hope its not to late to do the power raking?
  2. rmartin

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    just becareful...the later you rake the faster (if untreated) the crqab grass starts to grow. this happpens because you end up pulling the crabgrass seeds thats in the ground closer to the surface where it is warmer. Thats all it needs to grow is warmth.
  3. MOW ED

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    I just did one on the 11 th also and it needed it. The lawn has basically been neglected over the last 8 years. The only thing the previous owner did was mow it. It had lots of debris to remove. I had to cut it first to get it to a good height so I would be effective. I use a spring tine rake on the Walker. The lawn was obviously stressed as it was not green like its neighbors. I wish I had the camera but its always real dusty when I do these jobs. This place is 16000 sq ft and it generated over 150 bushels of junk. I had to haul it away since the city stopped their spring debris collection last week.
    I'd have to say that as long as you have cool weather and moisture in the forecast you are ok with power raking a lawn that needs it. You may well raise some crabgrass and I can deal with that.
    Now I have to sell the new guy on fertilizer and weed treatment. Lots of weeds now and some crab too but I can take care of it. Its a corner lot in a high profile area so hopefully it will generate more work.
  4. mtdman

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    Once things start to dry up and get hot I stop. Usually you can make it through May.

  5. alpine692003

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    phew.. thanks guys

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