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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by okgrassguy, Oct 29, 2005.

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    next year will be my first year to aerate my bermuda yard, should I topdress when I cut the yard lower than normal ( I hesitate to say scalp) at the beginning of the year. Or should I topdress when I aerate? Also Im not sure I need to aerate, about one half of my yard was resodded in June due to last years grub damage,these areas dont seem compacted but will the aeration help the bumpy areas? My yard has the smoothness of a mine field and im trying to get it a liitle better.:help:
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    UUUHHH,,,Try rolling your turf with a roller 1/2 filled with water,a few times to smoth it down.If it still is really hilly and bumpy whoever resodded it did not prep it correctly.In bad spots you can always take a large sharp knife and cut it and fold it back,take-out the xtra soil or rock or debri that's making the bump to level it then fold the sod back over and water that spot.Top dressing and aerateing wont fix your problem.You can topdress anytime and if you do aerate you do that first then topdress.

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