When to use topsoil?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Field General, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. Field General

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    To topsoil or not to topsoil that is the question?

    What criteria is used by most of you guys when deciding to use topsoil on a repair? I hope this doesn't't sound like a stupid question but I would like some input. In the past I have always insisted on top soil on most repairs when the ground has been disturbed by excavation.

    What policy if any do you guys operate under in these circumstances?
  2. stslawncare

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    are you referring to repairing grass on a lawn? if so when i am going to plant grass seed on a damaged lawn i always add topsoil, i tried it without and had bad results. whenever i add good quality soil to the area i am seeding i get great results.
  3. hoagie

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    General rule I use....

    Whenever I need to elevate the grade by more than 6 inches, it's coarse fill. Especially if theres any drainage issues involved.

    Anything less than 6" and it's good clean loam (topsoil).

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