when u started did you have support? or backlash & every 1 thought it was a bad idea?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by mowingismylife, Feb 28, 2004.

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    My family was with me when i told them i'm going into Lawn business ,,,,me and my wife talk about it and we did it ,,,all i needed is trailer and weedeater,,already had the 42 inch john deer riding mower to start with ,,,bought me a new 5x10 trailer and weedeater from home depot ,,,now four months later i have pm144z gravely zero turn and 231x shw and skil weedeater and echo blower .i have three year round account that will keep me busy through the winner and summer ,,,,Not counting all the extra yard i do ..NO complants here guys ,,,,,,God Bless You All
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    I haven't got into the bus. yet. But, come jan-feb. I'm gonna go crazy with it. I'm a Police officer now but what the dept. doesn't know is I've already got my two weeks notice typed up. After dealing with the people I've dealt with, I shouldn't have any problems dealing with customers.. As for support, The only one who is 100% behind me is my wife. My father and mother say I'm an idiot if I quit my job. There's no money in the lawn care business! I know too many that are rockin in the business. I'm tired of dodging bullets. I can't wait to start dodging tree limbs...I'm pumped!!!!!!! I've always been the way when someone tells me I can't do something, I go out and do it great.....

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