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When you are an Idiot, the hardest thing to do is to admit it


LawnSite Senior Member
Dumbest thing I have ever done. I told one of my service techs to take an a/c for 3 days service to get used to having it behind the truck to and to practice backing it up before he starts using it everyday. Well I had the installation crew working on two jobs this past Saturday and had to bring them some pipe (I drive a SUV for work) so I took his service truck and during the day I was trying to hurry up and turn around and totally forgot about the ac and did the following damage. I am actually glad that it was me and not a employee since I can only blame and get mad at myself. Lesson to learn from this, don’t be an idiot. Will post pics shortly


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Nice. we've all made mistakes. Fortuantely I've never had one where I've caused damage to anything.

My office/shop is at my home, so I drive home with any equipment. I have left in the morning to go into town and forgotten that I had unhooked the compressor the night before, gotten 15 minutes from home and realized no compressor behind me.

Or left the tailgate down, took a corner, lost a toolbox full of tools - twice. Radio was going so I never heard it. Tools were all gone by the time I got back.

Last year my employee did some damage to the work truck though. He was in a parking lot when he saw a Pinto with flames painted on it. He turned to go around it, still looking at the lame paint job, when WHAM!! he slams into a concrete footer used for light poles. It had just been placed out there, no light pole on it yet. Some body damage, suspension work, new brakes in front. He was scared to tell me, but I know it happens. he offered to pay for it right away. I told him I wasn't happy, but it is a work truck and I realize things will happen. It did delay his next raise in pay though.


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As humans we all will/continue to make mistakes. I am rougher on myself though when I screw up than I would be on anyone else. Your employs will probably have a good laugh off of you though :D

Dirty Water

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Redmond, WA
I used to drive an old S-10 as my work truck. While doing a large commercial install last year, I accidently drove the S-10 into an open manhole (why the manhole was open is beyond me, but it was a construction site). I smashed the crap out of the exhaust:

Its really loud now.


metro NYC
Ya know, if you'd only beat up that compressor some more, you could sell it on eBay. The pickup reminds me of the afternoon I discovered single malt scotch.