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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassyfras, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. grassyfras

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    When you give a bid for a lawn do you automaticly give prices for everything else you do such as fert, aerate, seed, leaves. Or do you just give the price to cut. Which way is better? I would hate to be seen as money hungary on a first impression but also need the sales and would rather them right away instsaed of calling people 3-4 times a year trying to upsell them. Do any of you only do full service or make people at least use you for leaves or fert. I'm thinking about maybe having people do both next year at least new customers. Whatcha think? Im 95% residential.
  2. Turfdude

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    We primarily on go after full service accounts. So when I do a bid its for lm, lc, shrub pruning & mulching. Spring & fall clean-ups are inclusive @ hrly rates.
  3. thartz

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    Here's what works for me.I offer the service they call me to do then give them an info brochure that outlines all the services we provide.It doesn't overwhelm them but tells them what we offer.I maintain high level accounts andthis is a way they know we are not a mow,blow ,and go company.
  4. befnme

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    i usually quote them a basic price for standard service then during different times of the year i run specials on different services and upsell that way it seems to work very well for my region.
  5. tiedeman

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    I usually just price them on the particular service, but when I give the estimate I might hint at the idea of other services that their property might need
  6. ed2hess

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    Often the customer may be price shopping so you want to bid only what he has requested. Sometimes we offer special inclusions like fertilize, or bush trimming at practically no cost so obviously we tell them about those items. In our area most people want a montly estimate and want bushes included.
  7. Precision

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    it is right on my estimate,
    cut and what that entails
    weed control in beds what that means
    hedge trimming and what that is
    fert program with schedule
    mulch options
    irrigation maintenance and what that covers

    I give prices on all and offer a package discount if all but mulching are taken.

    this gives me a big number at the top and then an ability for them to wittle it down to the price they want. a little psychology and it usually works.
  8. bobbygedd

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    i'm not gonna call you names, andre, but i will tell you that, this is a dumb dumb thing. i'm constantly being accused of "trying to reinvent the wheel." WHY NOT? not one of you, has invented the wheel yet! it is REDICULOUS to say that you will not accept a client because they don't want full service. if a client wants grass cutting only, why not sell them, grasscutting only? WHY? i'll tell you why, because you have yet to find a way, to make this type of client profitable. so big, so.......ok, what i'm trying to say is, you CAN sell a "lesser" service, just as long as you only DELIVER a lesser service. take the difference between a fast food resturaunt, and a gourmet steak house. a meal at the steak place costs $30, and you get a wonderful, quality, worth every penny meal. a meal aT the burger joint costs $3.59, and you bet your azz, they only give you, $3.59 worth. they charge you for crap, and they deliver crap, and you keep going back for more. there is nothing wrong with a mow only service, just make damn sure, when you charge them for the hamburger, you don't deliver the steak. guys like turfgirl keep thinking they have to sell only steak, they don't KNOW HOW to adapt. ok, as far as the thread.....if they ask for a mow, they get quoted for a mow, on the bottom of the contract however, is a list of other services we provide. one of my new trainees, is trying to build a lawn business, like every other schmuck in the world, he thinks he has a better way. he don't listen to me half the time, but who cares, i'm gettin paid anyhow. he quotes a call, when a customer asks for a mowing fee, and he shows up , tells them xx amount to mow, but hey, w'ell also trim those bushes for xxx, and edge the beds for xxx, and prune that tree up for xxx, and you need weeding, that'll be xxx...............from what i'm seeing, this comes across as pushy and trying to squeeze every nickle from the client, it seems to turn them off. so my final answer= only quote them what they inquired about, BUT, make it known you're a full service company if needed.
  9. GarPA

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    I dont have a hard and fast rule on this, but when they do first contact me for mowing service, I ask them if they are intersted in full service. If all they want is mowing, I usually tell them that we desire full service accounts as opposed to just mow and go. I will take a mow only account if the property is of decent size but most of the times I will decline to bid it. If they do want full service I give them a ballpark estimate for those other services when I give them the mowing estimate. My goal is to continue to gain more full service and get rif of mowing only customers.
  10. alwaysgreener

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    Ok here we go again.......YOU CAN NOT MAKE A GOOD LIVING AT JUST MOW AND GO’S can not be done... You need to sell full service contracts, for one it's incoming every month the same amount. If mow only’s miss a few cuts a month your screwed no money coming in. So what do they do? They HAVE to up sell to find more income and sometimes that is hard. Your profit for mow only’s is so low that you have to keep looking for anything to pay bills and mowing only will not do that. If you mow only sometimes you are overlooked from your customer and potential clients that you do not offer other services.. For example when you show up to cut xyz lawn they have a company doing a $5,000 landscape job that takes 4 hours you cut the lawn and collect a check for $30.00 WOW.. Trust me we have done that to a lot of mow only LCO's to only have them sign up for a full service contract after the landscape job was done. So you need to be a full service company only. Let the mow only’s go to someone else and you do the other services and make good money.

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