WHEN you go to a landscape class what would you like to talk about?


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dirty jersey
i am a part of and education dept. class discussion group that needs to re-write a course plan .

each class is about 2 hr. long,and it's held at landscape/turf shows.

my question is : what would you guys like to see,talk about ,do .... in these classes?

it's seems like it's the same speaker,same slides,same hand outs and we are out to make a change.

i need your help


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It seems taht if you listen to the members of your classes during a break you would get your answer.
Networking at trades conferences is the most valuable class that I ever take. Pick up some of these topics;
-area specific job costing
-time saving tricks
-employee management
-business organization
-business operations
The list goes on as long as you have time to talk the info out of the others attending.