when your seasons end date?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RonWin, Oct 30, 2013.

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    I have one more cut with most of my lawns, and I have a few others that will want me to run the mower over the lawn to make it look "tidy" for Thanksgiving....I even have 3 clients that will want me to come out a few days before Christmas to give the lawn that tidy look for family coming in. They basically told me "You may not cut any grass but to us it's the same as vacuuming the carpet even if it doesn't need it, it just looks nice and clean.".... WIsh more of my clients thought like that.

    To the OP......You can't put a date on it. Last year I was mowing up until Thanksgiving because grass was growing until then....I mowed a couple stragglers until the first week of Dec.....this year growing is done and except for the "keep it tidy" people, it's over.
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    Some years I end it November 15. This years mowing ends this week since we had freezing temps and frost. A much cooler October than normal. Leaf cleanups continue for some yards. Leaf business ends January 10th at the latest. Leaves really started raining down yesterday.
  3. it never ends....in south Florida....
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    Finished leaf clean up Dec 7 last yr, and I hoping for the same. Leaves are just starting to fall now.
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    It never ends, just slows down. I do more leaf cleanup and flower bed maintenance in the winter and start taking on landscaping projects but the growing never really stops, I still mow st Augustine every two weeks and Bermuda/Bahaia every two weeks to a month.
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    Same here.
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    Most years things slow down considerably at the beginning of November. I usually get a couple of mowings for each lawn in November and some years I get one or two in December.

    Most people want their lawn to look sharp for halloween and thanksgiving so I'll cut them if there's any growth at all just so it looks sharp and people seem to like that. On the pre-thanksgiving cut I'll pick up leaves first, then do the mowing. And as much as I HATE leaf work it's incredibly profitable.
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    It really depends on where you are located, I finished weekly mowing last week, taking a week off to catch up on things and then starting clean-ups the following week. Typical cutting season here is the 1st full week in May until the 2nd last week in October, this is common place where I live. The lawns really slow down after the last cut, we have had a couple frosty nights but there is still lots of leaves on the trees, especially the maples.
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    Mowing has just ended for us this will be the last day of that. The leaves are still close to 3 weeks from being ready then add 4-6 weeks to that and thats the end of the season. Dec 10-20th something like that. The earlier the better.
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    I charge per mow. I mowed the first and second weeks in October and told my clients to call me if they need me after that point or for leaf clean-ups. I think next year I may go 3 weeks into October, but I have not had any calls requesting mowing yet and it has been 2-3 weeks. I don't want my customers feeling like I am milking them.

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