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Hmmmm..................what county on the Island do you hail from?

Cornell recommends that the optimum time frame for lawn renovation is in the fall. Best aeration time is in the fall, though they do recommend twice a year, but only doing once, fall is the time.

I see them out doing spring aerating while doing spring cleanup. Yeah, alot of good that is at that time of spring. Just going through the motions wasting customers money. Then again these are uneducated customers in the proper management of turf.


What I do is I start either right after Labor Day or 2 weeks before.
We scratch out the damage areas of turf. Seed, using what is best for that particular site, cover with peatmoss, and aerate, aerate does not have to be before or after the seeding. Provide the customer with our application cards indicating the proper watering.

Then a week but no more than 2 weeks later a fertilizer app. after that the guys will just do whatever little spots that need attending to.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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