Where are brilliance LEDs manufactured?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Dec 22, 2012.

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    The unique ones are supposed to be superior, up there will Brilliance, but i noticed on the boxes now inside, it says product or produced in China, WTF? One of my upsales was that they're a superior bulb to your $10.00 ebay junk you'd find in a store or market place that is all advertising LED bulbs!
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    Shouldn't you be worried about snow it is winter time.

    Just because 2 items are manufactured in 1 country doesnt mean they are the same thing.... that cheap crap you find on allibaba or ebay normally has horrible diodes and no surge protection on driver. Most minis on ebay are dc only. The retros you use all have recifiers or drivers to convert ac power to diode dc power..... i wont get into lumen output color rendering or rf sheilding

    As for your question idk i dont use them. There office once was in arizona.
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  4. Steve Atkinson

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    Brilliance main office is in Carefree AZ.

    Products originate from several sources, most notably, CREE here in the US.

    Majority of final assembly is done overseas, and products that Brilliance sells are excellent quality. And there is lots of junk coming from overseas as well.

    Look for a design that can be used in outdoor lighting fixtures. Many will say NOT for outdoor use. Look for a great warranty. The words "Limited Warranty" waves a big red flag in my opinion.

    Also look for track record of performance. I have many successful contractors here in the Western US and Western Canada using Brilliance for several years with almost no failures. Yes, it's that good of a product.
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    Steve, I think it is a bit misleading for you to suggest that "Products originate from several sources, most notably, CREE here in the US." While the Brilliance lamps may in fact use CREE brand LED chips, I highly doubt that their lamps are comprised of very much USA content at all. Even CREE, which is based in the USA, does a majority of their manufacturing in other countries. As far as I know, the only line of LED lamps that are actually made in North America come from CRS in Welland Ontario, and even they have recently moved a lot of their mainstream products to production lines in Asia. There is just not a solid business case to make or even assemble products like LED lamps here in North America. The bottom line is that Brilliance LED Lamps, like almost all of the others in the market, are made in china. Just say it as it is.
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    The use of CREE chips doesn't necessarily mean that a given whole LED is of the highest quality and suitable for landscape lighting. Am I correct?
    (or not?)
  7. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Yes, you are correct. Cree is just one of many very good manufacturers of LED chips. There is a LOT more that has to go into the design and manufacture of any LED lamp if it is going to survive the rigors of use in open or enclosed fixtures in outdoor environments.

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