Where are th go getters??

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Christianstine, Aug 31, 2009.

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    I owned and operated a lawn company for over 12 years.I have advertised on lawnsite the need for 2.5 acres slit seeded in Corunna,Michigan.I have e-mailed over 10 company's and had 3 reply.They came to my home and seen that I had the yard close to ready.They said they would get me a price and that's the last I would see of them.When I was in buisness the goal was to make $$$.Has something changed or am I missing something?
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    Either your job might be too small for them or they think you would balk at paying what they ask. Slit seeding is a specialty operation. It does not cost the same as mowing. Those are the two things I can think of. There are jobs I look at that I forget I even saw because I do not put the energy into coming up with a price only to get the "are you crazy" treatment. Other reason I do not even price a job is if I smell trouble. It can have nothing to do with money. If I think I will be involved in some kind of drama on that job, no thanks. Crazy client, crazy household member, crazy dog are all cause to forget I even looked at the lawn.
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    I have a similar problem here, only with advertisers. There is no way to get an ad in the local paper under the correct heading. They have a monopoly now.

    The radio station is not on the web under any normal searches.

    My question, is not so much the go-getters as "Where are the brains?" :laugh:

    Since you already know what you want, hire a school/universtity kid to follow your instructions. Good luck advertising though.

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