where are the bees?????

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bug-guy, Feb 24, 2008.

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    any one see 60 minutes???

    NEONICITINOIDS we all use them!!!
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    I saw it when it originally aired. Not good at all.
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    The whole issue of bee decline is still in the air( no pun intended) as both Bayer and other independent studies disproved that Imidaproclid was the cause for disorientation and overall effect on bees. Most of the concern was with pre-treatment of sunflower seeds in which the bees were coming into contact with, so a ban was in place in France based on this assumption, however even after a ban for 4 years the decline has still continued and the Imidaproclid was considered not at fault. Some studies are attributing the decline to a virus that have affected many colonies, i guess only time and more studies will be able to tell, but all the more reason to use insecticides on a IPM principle.
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    i orginally posted this because alot of people do not realize how important bees are in our ag business and just life as we know it. i knew bees were rented ... i was not aware of the extent. i remember several years back in france they out lawed termidor or what ever they called it in europe because of the loss of bees and the loss in the wine industry(big business there). france was one of the spots used to test the product.
    i am not trying to say "bug killers" are bad heck i made a living... a career off of it. but some time we might be too good at designing some formulas, might get unwanted kills.
    i hope there is not an over reaction to where they outlawn all of this class of pesticides.
    i also hope there is not under reaction to where we cause nothing is done and we suffer elsewhere.

    p.s. thanks for the posts and the bump to the top
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