Where are the landfills???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by AA961JESTER, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. AA961JESTER

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    I am trying to locate a place in central NJ that I can dump landscape co-mingled landscape waste. I dont mind paying because I pass on the cost. I work out of East Brunswick NJ an the local center wont take anything from contractors. I am trying to contact someone from edgeboro but am unsure if they take prome private companies. Farmers in the area don't want the stuff. I am talking tree limbs, waste sod, thatch, rocks, stumps, and the sort. PS I did a thread search but didn't find anything helpful, and I dont have space on my lot to start composting.
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    :blob3: jester, you can go to E Bunyon on old bridge englishtown road/527 off of rt.18, they just raised prices and are getting very expensive, 14.00 per yard for leavesand grass, i recently got a dumpster del. to my yard and load it w/ my skid steer, and cost me 200 for a 40 yard container. tony
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    $14 in northern NJ is a steal right now. I went to a tranfer station (not organic) because it is close to me and they were getting $25 per yard ! The thing is I had a little over 4 yards and I was only charged $30. ???? I was expecting a $100 charge so I kept my mouth shut and drove away. I have a feeling I was supposed to grease the hand that estimated my load at $30 though......guess I'll find out next time.
    This is a real problem in NJ right now.

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    wow, i feel for you guys. the city of akron has a dump for lawn debris, but it is a ripoff. comparable to the prices you guys mention.

    we have many different dump sites, and prices vary from free to $10.00 a truck, to $12.50 a yard. obviously, we try to go to the free one when possible.
  5. Ground Master

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    Here in Colorado Springs, we were lucky for years. We used to dump yard debris at a site that was being reclaimed from strip mining. This went on for 8 years or so.

    Now we dump at a facility that recycles yard debris. They charge 9 to 12 dollars for a fully loaded truck (with side boards loaded to cab height).

    Whats unbelievable is the guys that complain about having to pay after it was free for so many years.
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    There is a place called Iron Leaf over in Edison that takes that stuff & they sell mulch & top soil etc. I'll give you the directions here. If you need more, send me a PM or E-mail. Its off of Route 514. Easiest way for you is Route 18 North to Route 1 North to 514 East. About a mile from there will be Meadow Road at the light with the Mill St Pub on the right (might be a different name these days, but look for the bar LOL). Make a right there and the place will be about a half mile or so on the left. If you land in the Raritan River, you passed it ;)

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