Where can I get rid of grass?


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For 20 plus year our refuse company would take our grass. Now all of a sudden they wont take it anymore and no other company will either. What do you guys do ? I try to lose most of it on customers properties but i cant get rid of all of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. <p>----------<br>Steve<br>Mountain View Landscaping


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I think with most cities trying to save landfill space the days of bagging yards are almost over. Some customer havent caught on to this fact yet. In my 10 years I have never bagged the stuff. Just mulched it. Going over it a few times if I have to. Now using gator blades. In our city they will still pick up leaves and grass clippings. In the county you would have to drive 20 miles to the dump. Maybe you could buy a piece of land with a ditch to fill.


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Charles<br> With the lawns I do it takes me less time to bag than to cut two or three times and blow out the clumps. Even with Gator blades i cant hide all that grass. I am looking in to property for the future. We can dump some were we rent but just not every thing. Some days all crews come back with 10 yards of the green stuff. Thanks for the help<p>----------<br>Steve<br>Mountain View Landscaping


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What about composting it and re-using it for bed work, or is there just too much? What kind of grass is it?<p>Homer


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Our city has a compost site that takes all types of lawn and yard debris. Its located at the outskirts of the city and is an unmanned site. They take trees, chips, leaves, dirt, grass, and stumps. A big tub grinder comes about 3 times a year and grinds all the big stuff up. Something to see! We are lucky and I hope it stays open. The residents can take the grindings or the organic compost after it ferments. I have used some of it and found no problems with disease or weeds.

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The County that I live in and work for, still takes it. I am hoping that they will start a compost heap to get it out of the land fills. This is a useful by-product of lawn care and should be recycled. <br>I am aware that some lawns are of such size that it is hard to dispose of the yard waste economically. I have started a mulch and bag system where I bag every so often and compost it for flower beds, the rest of the time I mulch. It works out good if you get the lawns before the grass is to tall.<br>We also give some of the clippings to the chickens and cows (hillbilly joke).<br>


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Last year we were worried about the same thing.<br>Then we approached a local farmer and asked him if he would mind if we put our grass on some of his unused fields. <br>He was more than happy to take all the grass we gave him. In fact, he wanted more.<p>So if you have a local farm nearby, you might consider that as an option.

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Steve: Any farmers in your area? Offer them a $ value to dump on thier land. Put ad in local paper for free grass clippings. I know a guy that makes compost,he took all the clean stuff I was willing to give him.I have a neighbor that grows punkins and will take all I have. If you have some room and a loader just mix dirt with the clippings, they will compost very easy and fast.

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I no longer bag.But I think 1majortom is right.If you do have a farmer in the area then try that.But if you live in a large city and there is no place to get rid of it.Then you might have to go to an other style of mowing.Hope you find a farmer!<p><p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care

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