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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by j_whit, May 7, 2005.

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    I need about 10 or so dump truck loads of topsoil. but, i don't know where to get it in that much quantity. if it where a couple of yards i could get it from my local nursery. i see a couple of loads here and there along the side of the road but how would i load it to do the job. i already have to rent a skid steer how could i sale the client on a rental of a backhoe to?
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    if you are getting 10 or so large loads you might need more than a skid steer to spread it... a larger backhoe/loader might be better or even a small dozer to spread it out (if thats what you are doing)

    As for where to get it...i see construction company trucks all over here that say screened topsoil on the sides of their trucks.....with a#. Check the yelllow pages for construction companies that will deliever topsoil in that quantity. also, you might want to consider subbing the whole job to them because they will have the right equiptment to spread it out quickly.

    just my .02 :blob3:

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