Where can I learn about weight limits & capacities for trucks & trailers?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Hummer, Feb 2, 2006.

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    Where can I find explanations for all the different weight limits and capacities for trucks and trailers? I've been trying to educate myself by reading posts on this website & others, but it's hard to keep all the information straight from all the various message threads, and even then there are so often contradictions from one person's explanation to another's that I don't know what or who to believe/trust.

    The reason I'm trying to learn about all this is so that I can purchase a properly equiped truck and GN trailer to haul an ASV RC-100 with a Fecon Bull Hog attachment, both of which combined will weigh over 12,000 lbs. I figure I'll need several thousand more pounds capacity beyond that for such things as fuel, tools, transport chains, and additional skidsteer attachments.

    So is there a reliable message thread on this site or even a different website that will have trustworthy explanations and definitons for all this?

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    There is a better way to do what you want without exherting mass efforts of your time. Call any Eager Beaver, Big Tex, Cronkite, Miller, or Featherlite dealer. Ask them to price out a 10-12 ton trailer, which, is over the total capacity you need, but will easily handle what you want to carry. Dual F rated tires on each of the axles, electric or air brakes, 20-25' deck with a dove tail and fold down ramps. You will be dancing around the $12,000.00 figure.
    I've been combing the country for a used wreck in that capacity, I'll redeck it, rebrake it, even if the frame needs to be welded I'll make it work, because I can get one for under $3,000.00 , put a little work into it, and it will last another 30 years.
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    GVWR-(gross vehicle weight rating)-is the most the the vehicle is designed to haul.this includes the truck driver fuel and the payload. GCWR-(gross combination weight rating)-total limit truck and trailer combined.
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    i had this same problem when buying a trailer for my excavator, even the dealer gave me the wrong advice. say you have a 10 ton trailer or 20,000 lbs., (axel ratings, registration rating) and the light weight (weight when empty) is 5500 lbs, this means that the maximum payload you can put on this trailer is 20,000 - 5500 = 14,500 pounds. when i bought my excavator (12,000 lbs) and was looking for a trailer my dealer had accidentally told me that a 7 ton trailer (rated at 14,000 lbs) would work but in actuality i would be over the weight (14,000 - 3500 = 10,500 lbs payload) by 1500 lbs. so i had to get a 10 ton to compensate for the difference. hope thats not too confusing.

    i had noticed this after i had already bought the 7 ton trailer and was looking at the registration. luckily the dealer acknowledged their mistake and this only cost me the difference in price of the trailers
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    I'm in the same boat, (equip = ~12,000# each)
    yesterday saw an ASV w/ felcon behind a '02 CTD (dodge cummins) on a tandem axle trailer :nono: (bumper tow, as are all mine, tho GN is nice, I like to have my 'flatbed' for staging attachments + use as a 'dump')

    used equip trailers can be had pretty cheap, ($2-5K - equiptrader) I prefer loading on a tilt deck, and like the stability of duals, but triple axles track nice (I use a triple axle dual when hauling for my neighbor, very nice, except too long (30', and too heavy 56k GVW)

    For my brush business, I use an 'eager beaver' 3 axle 20kGVW elect brakes (4,400EW - beaver tail; cost me $1200 + new tires) and tow with my 1T cummins (a bit of a push, early 160hp version) Without attachments and dirt and other junk I weighed 23600#GCVW

    I crossed the scales at 27,800# GCVW awhile back (licensed to 28K :eek: )
    I am pursuing a couple options...

    pickups and 1T's are really to light for this (especially brakes)

    a med duty truck (like s4700 Int w/DT466) would make a good tow rig and a flatbed w hoist would allow versatile work and cargo. Poster by name of "SSSS" has a nice 16' with hinged sides FS

    since I work in mountians and very tight qtrs, I would like to haul-in w/o a trailer, so... I think a 22'-24' flatbed w/hoist or "swaploader" would be ideal.
    my desire is a tandem axle, so I can also haul dirt and rock, and lease out for grain hauling during harvest. I would plumb for a pup, so I could pull my Eager beaver, or a grain hopper or flatbed. BUT.. these are expensive to buy and maintain, AND you need to allocate time and $$ into best use (truck driving and hauling is not too profitable, stay on the skid)

    also don't forget :confused: your CDL if you don't have one (any combination GCVW over 26,001#) class A if trailer is over 10k GW

    for specific truck and trailer info, go ask around over at hotshothauling-dot-com

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