where can i legally put flyers

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sadavion22, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. sadavion22

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    i live in new york i wanna know where can i legally put flyers without conflicting with the law...thanks
  2. lawnboy1701

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    I am fairly new to the lawn industry but I have worked in related fields where flyer's were my number one source of business. The best way to get them into potential clients hands is to canvas a neighborhood and drop them on the door. I thought several times of going to malls or football games and dropping them on windshields. I called around to several of these venues and was told that if they caught me dropping flyer's on their property they would first make me pick up all the flyer's that i had dropped then i would be prosecuted to their fullest extent. Even if you are able to get flyer's out this way it will have you running leads all over town. The best way is to drop the flyer's in the neighborhoods that you want to work. I have used two different flyer's. I have simply made one on the computer and went to kinkos and had them printed up on bright paper. This is a little less expensive but is still efficient at getting phone calls. The other type that I have used are door hangers. They are made of thick paper and they hang on the door very nicely. This is a little more expensive but it looks much more professional and stays on the door insuring the home owner will see it. I believe i had a thousand printed up for around 200 dollars. I have hung tons of flyer's in neighborhoods that say no soliciting. This in my opinion is more of a suggestion. I have hung literally tens of thousands of flyer's over the years and have never once had a complaint for dropping flyer's in a no soliciting neighborhood. You can always use the excuse that you didn't see the sign when you drove in. I am sure that if you are polite and promise not to do it again there will be no problems. good luck
  3. MarcSmith

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    its probably more of a local ordinance, But in VA you are not supposed to put any flyers on traffic control signs or posts(but it happens). durring election year the right of ways are fair game. and it seems that the Realestate agents have no problems littering either.

    IMO this type of flyer/signage reeks of cheapness. I know when I was doing work on Commercial properties or HOA's and I came across those types of signs, they got taken down. The sign could have been up for 5 minutes I did not bother me I took it down.

    Spend the money on good advertising in a local HOA news letter or for Door hangers or a direct mailer. Put your name in the hands of people you want to do work for.

    Just my 2 cents...not trying to offend

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    Call the local authorities for exact rules but one thing for sure. is "NOT" to put them in or on a mail box. That is US postal property and if the wrong mail carrier gets it they can come after you.
    Good luck.
  5. SoloMow

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    I target specific subdivisions in my immediate area and tape flyers to garage doors! Yes, garage doors. About 90% of the homes in these subdivisions have rear entry garages via alleys. Most of the homeowners work in Dallas (leave early/arrive late) and rarely see their front doors during the week. I know this to be a fact because I have seen "door hangers" twisting in the wind on front doors for days and no one ever seems to take them off. ;) They are forced to see my flyer when they enter the driveway. It works for me.
  6. Jason Rose

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    Use extreme caution when using TAPE! Actually, just don't use it at all... No better way to piss off someone than to have a piece of tape stuck to their painted door, they peel it off and so does the paint. Granted it's a rare occourence, but iv'e seen scotch tape, the clear kind, do just that after being on a painted surface in the sun for the day!
  7. tinman

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    Second that. I have hung flyers on mailbox posts. My postmaster said that is fine, as long as it did not interfere with the mail carrier opening the box, etc.
  8. William J. L.

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    I agree about not reaching in someone's mailbox...that is unless a customer says to leave the estimate in the box. Even then, I'm leary about opening someone's mail box.
    My way is a little more time consuming, but I like to just knock on the door and ask the customer if I can give them our Flyer (or brochure). If they start asking any questions or showing any interest what so ever..you got them.
  9. kalyeah

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    I use door hangers. I always put them up in neighborhoods that say no soliciting. Have only had one complaint and that was last year. Guy called me and said he was a member of the hoa. Sounded like he was about to cry. Said he was tired of getting all the fliers in the neighborhood and if I didn't come out to get them all off the doors he was going to take legal actions. I apologized, told him I didn't see the sign, and said I'd be out in 10 minutes. Got off the phone with him and rushed right to the couch to flip my tv back on. Never heard from him again.
  10. PMLAWN

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