Where can we get Spanish/English Training videos?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by syzer, Jun 13, 2006.

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    We have some new guys working with us, one speaks very little English, the other next to none. We need some kind of system in place to train new employees both American and Foreign. Can any of you recommend any videos we can use? This site was recommended to me but they have a video for every single thing, all separate, and very expensive. They could have at least combined the machines in an English/Spanish version sheesh.


    Thanks ahead!
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    This may sound obvious, but try the library. I speak English, Spanish and Arabic, and its where I go for everything. Language courses are incredibly expensive and these days you can renew most library books online. Being that a language collection in your library wouldnt be a new release, you can renew these as many times as you like, and as long as you keep track of it, you could teach them english for free.:usflag:
  3. Diablo

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    If you are a large business that needs its own resources, I would look at Berlitz Online or Rosetta Stone. These are the two best interactive resources I have been able to afford.:usflag:
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    I've used several language prgrams and found Pimsleur to be the easiest and fastest way to become conversant in a language. Instead of focusing on grammar rules and stuff, the prgram teaches conversational skills. They even have and English program designed for Spanish speakers. There are probably 3 levels to it and each one will run you about $300 but any good language program will cost about that.

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