Where dat dry season go ?

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by zturncutter, May 3, 2014.

  1. Greg78

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    Pretty much the same way. We don't mow just to mow. We skipped 60% of our lawns 3 weeks ago. I send out emails outlining our concerns and recommended watering schedules.

    I was lucky enough to catch a couple customers (ones with interior clocks) home last week and was able to turn on the systems and or adjust times as needed.

    The worst are the ones that rent their second or third homes out and the tenants monkey with the clock. Had one that had new sod installed last year and was a very nice property. Home owner bought another home and rented this one out. Renters come in turn off the clock and trash the place. They ended up evicting them but the clock was inside. Property owner told me she couldn't go on the property during the eviction process. They finally got the "renters" out last month and just now got the irrigation on 2 weeks ago, lawn is slowly rebounding.
  2. ArTurf

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    If I'm going to service the property I'll insist (in a nice way) I control the irrigation. Most if not all homeowners have not idea on proper settings. For contollers in the garage I'll offer to install a keypad at no cost giving me access to controller. The keypads are $20-$25 and take about 5 min to install..
  3. Patriot Services

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    Daily showers and even some hail now. Like the old Florida routine with afternoon showers. Makes for pretty lawns that the homeowners don't have to worry about the irrigation.
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    Look at the Bright side. At least the cattle are fat.

  5. Johnagain

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    Dry season is still here in some areas. Skipped all but 2 lawns today. Went to cut some Bahia lawns that haven't been cut in 3 wks and they are so wilted the stalks haven't even come up yet. Hand watered some wilted azaleas instead of mowing. Then again last year was dry for me in my area. I lost a foot of elevation on my lake. 5 miles away it flooded almost everyday.
  6. Yup dry here too...rained some in some areas yesterday but not everywhere. The thing helping is temps haven't been near 90...which is unusual for this time of year
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  7. Landscape Poet

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    Dry here is simply irrigation issues. My irrigation guy is begging me to stop calling at this point. I have a feeling in a week or two he will be begging for the business when the natural summer time rains return. It has been very spotty but the last week or so has been hot and dry as heck. Every flaw in the irrigation system has been exposed and if properly handled equaled income for all those involved. If not you missed it .

    Next up.....GLS for all those that have been pounding the lawns with quick release to achieve that green up. .....it is coming...ooooh it is coming.
  8. zturncutter

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    3.25 inches here today in about 2 hours, not much movement though, not all of my customers got it.
  9. Patriot Services

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    Weird. We just had another band move through. Twice for today. Last 5 days decent rain for the whole bay area. Starts in the interior and moves west to the gulf.
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    NW corner of North Port...1.5" in the last month and a half. Yard looks like a hay field. Bahia grass, so hopefully it comes back.

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