Where did the word "Velke" come from?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by desert rose gardening, Feb 20, 2007.

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    I know, another lame Question that has nothing to do with putting money in our pockets. But I just keep wondering where that odd word came from. I can't find it in the dictionary or anywhere. If anybody out there knows the origin of the word please let me know:)

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    Not sure,ask jeff worthy he can come up with something.
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    Read the 4th paragraph

    Wright Manufacturing History

    It began with the dream of an eight-year-old boy. After reading the biography of Henry Ford, Bill Wright, president and CEO of Wright Manufacturing, dreamed of one day being a manufacturer producing a machine that people could ride. The realization of that dream is the backdrop to the story of Wright Manufacturing, Inc.

    In 1981, the lawn maintenance company that started it all was founded. The successful business, originally called “Lawn-Wright,” was plagued by a nagging problem: the grass catchers kept falling apart. The company needed a durable catcher that could perform well and hold up over time. To meet this need, Bill designed an all-steel catcher. Its success prompted the company to manufacture a few to use on its own machines. When a local dealer saw them, he recognized their wider potential and offered to sell them in his shop. Wright’s company began producing the catchers in greater numbers, continuing to provide lawn maintenance in-season and manufacturing the catchers in the off-season. The emerging popularity of these catchers in the years that followed testifies to their strength, durability, and functionality in the field. It was the birth of the Grass Gobbler™.

    As the manufacturing aspect of the company grew, so did the maintenance side. The homegrown business had outgrown its simple routing system, and Mr. Wright worked to develop a new computerized routing program that could handle the increased volume. Over time, the project developed into the Computerized Lawn Industry Program (CLIP™) and became the third leg of the flourishing business.

    In 1988, Jim Velke, one of the lawn maintenance mechanics, began working on a device that would enable the operator of a walk-behind mower to ride instead of walk. As a result, the first single-wheel stand-on sulky, the Velke™, was introduced in 1989. In 1996, it was joined by its two-wheel counterpart, the Velke™ X2.

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    Man that was fast.
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    There is your answer, in a nutshell.
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    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Was that even the guy you were refering to?
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    To advanced for a "Cave Man":laugh:
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    Be careful what you say....You might offend him...:)
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    Sorry to highjack the thread but have you guys visited the Cave man's crib?

    http://www.cavemanscrib.com/ :laugh:
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    Actually, there is a term for this. These are called "eponyms". What that is, is when a brand name becomes to personify an actual product. For instance, if you get a cut on you finger, you use a "band-aid", even though you may actually be using a regular adhesive bandage strip. A quick breakfast? Sure...just pop in a couple of "pop-tarts" into the toaster. Oh...you mean "toaster pastries". A little recreation....go out in the yard and toss around a plastic flying disc...we'll call it a frisbee,..even though it could be made by ANY company besides Whammo. make a copy of something? Sure, we'll Xerox it. Need to wrap your leftovers? Use "Saran wrap". Chapped lips? Not lip balm,...Chapstick. Need to blow your nose? Don't grab a facial tissue, grab a Kleenex. Anyway, there are dozens of these.
    I just wonder what Jim thinks of the likes of his name being classified as one of these, now...especially in such a SHORT term of time. It is sort of a definition of success when your name becomes an industry term. The funny thing about this, is that I had this idea way back ion the early eighties....when I was using a sit down sulky behind my JD walk behind. Hmmm....if only.....:laugh: Oh,...by the way...here's an interesting site... http://www.prairienet.org/~rkrause/brands.html

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